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motion to supplement record on appeal

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A motion to supplement the record on appeal is a legal request made by a party to a case, asking the court to add additional information or documents to the official record of the case. The purpose of the motion is to provide the court with any new evidence or information that was not available or included in the original record, which may be relevant to the case and impact the court’s decision-making process.

How to draft the motion to supplement record on appeal

1.     Identify the new evidence or information that the party wishes to include in the motion to supplement record on appeal: This includes documents, transcripts, or other materials that were not part of the original record on appeal.

2.     Explain why the new evidence is relevant to the appeal: This involves demonstrating how the evidence supports the party’s arguments or undermines the other side’s position.

3.     Provide a brief description of the new evidence, including its source and any relevant context. This should be done in a clear and concise manner, as the court will not want to review extraneous or irrelevant material.

4.     Conclusion: The motion should be summarized by requesting that the court grant their request to supplement the record on appeal with new evidence or information.

Filing the Motion

This typically involves submitting the motion to the clerk of the court and paying any required filing fees. The party should also provide a copy of the motion to supplement record on appeal to the other side, as well as to any relevant court-appointed officials or neutral parties.

Requirements of the motion to supplement record on appeal

1.     Timeliness: The motion to supplement record on appeal must be filed within a specified period of time after the record on appeal has been filed.

2.     Relevance: The new evidence must be relevant to the issues being appealed. The court will not consider evidence that is unrelated or extraneous.

3.     Admissibility: The new evidence or information must be admissible under the rules of evidence. This means that it must be reliable, trustworthy, and not unfairly prejudicial.

4.     Notice: The party must provide notice to the other side of their intent to supplement the record on appeal. This may involve serving a copy of the motion on the other side or providing them with an opportunity to respond.

5.     Consent: In some cases, the other side may consent to the supplementation of the record on appeal.

In conclusion, drafting and filing a motion to supplement record on appeal can be a complex process. Parties must carefully consider the requirements of the motion, as well as the relevance and admissibility of the new evidence or information. By following these guidelines, however, parties can ensure that their motion is properly filed and considered by the court.


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