Revision Policy


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any revision. Revision requests should be made within thirty (30) days from the delivery date, after which no requests shall be processed. Revisions shall be offered free of charge, within at least five (5) hours, and be unlimited, subject to your satisfaction. This is aimed at realizing effective time management, avoiding backlog and improving service delivery promptly.
To order a revision, log in to your account, go to completed orders (open the specific order to be revised), click on the “SET AS REVISION” button and provide detailed and clear revision instructions for efficient amendments. Alternitely, send us the order number sent on your email and attach revision instructions.
You must not have made any changes to the document been sought to be revised, and the revision instructions should not deviate from the initial instructions. We may charge extra for revisions that vary with the original instructions. If the product exceeds 10% plagarism (excluding in-text referencing, bibliography pages, clichéd phrases (standard phrases, idioms, connectors, as well as other phrases that are frequently used) you also qualify for a refund.
Please note that we cannot revise your document if you breach any of our terms and conditions.