Legal Letter Writing Services

With over 13 years in the practice of legal letter writing, the team at Legal Writing Experts crafts your letter to comply with legal standards and reflect your specific needs. Contact us today for legal letter-writing services.

What is the Importance of Legal Letters?

Legal letters are crucial for communicating in a formal or structured way, responding to a claim, resolving disputes, asserting a right, ensuring compliance with the law, prompting an action, and making a request. They are essential tools for individuals, corporations, and businesses to navigate legal issues effectively and responsibly.

Why Choose Our Legal Letter Writing Service?

Professional Expertise

Our team is composed of qualified attorneys who have practiced for over 13 years in different states of the United States. With over 3000 letters drafted by our team, we assure professional expertise.

High-Quality Drafting

Whether it is a demand letter or a letter to courts and judges, our professionals draft high-quality letters that aptly capture your position.

Affordable Rates

Our average cost for letter writing is from $50 to $250. Our rates are affordable compared to traditional attorneys and other online letter writers.

Quick turnaround

We deliver your letters within 24 hours, and if you require them within less than 24 hours, our team works around the clock to meet deadlines.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our clients rate our letter-writing services highly; we assure you of quality and professionalism.

Our Process for Writing Legal Letters

1. Initial Consultation

Our clients initiate an initial consultation using the chat box available on the website. At the initial consultation, we understood your needs and what your letter intended to relay.

2. Drafting the Letter

After the initial consultation, our team begins drafting a letter that aptly captures your wishes and needs and complies with the law.

3. Review and Revisions

After drafting your letter, our team gives you an opportunity to review it. If you need to make any revisions, we offer revision services.

4. Finalization and Delivery

After review and revisions, we share the final letter with you. Afterward, we offer additional support and follow-up.

Benefits of Professional Legal Letter Writing Services

The benefits of professional legal letter writing services include:

Professional tone and presentation

Our professional team ensures your letter is logical and the arguments are legal and professionally articulated.

Strengthens your legal position

Our team advances precise and detailed legal arguments, thus strengthening your legal position.

Enhances credibility and persuasiveness

The legal arguments advanced by our professional team are elaborate and persuasive, enhancing their credibility before the recipient.

Ensures legal accuracy and compliance

Our professional team has knowledge and expertise on state-specific laws. When drafting your letter, they ensure legal compliance. Additionally, they are equipped with the skills of drafting clear, detailed, and precise letters, thus ensuring legal accuracy.

Saves time and reduces stress

The process of writing your letter may be rigorous, tiring, and taxing; this is where Legal Writing Experts come in. We save you the stress of writing by employing experience and expertise in writing your letter within the shortest time.

How to Get Started

1. Contact Us for a Free Consultation

You can contact us today via our chatbox, which is available on our website. We are available 24/7 for a consultation.

2. Submit Your Letter Requirements

After consulting with us, you can submit your letter requirements; for example, if it is a letter responding to another’s assertions, you can submit the opponent’s letter and details of your intended response.

3. Receive a Quote and Timeline

After submitting your letter request, you will receive a quote for your letter writing costs. The average cost ranges from $50 to $250, and the timeline for drafting a letter is usually within 24 hours.

4. Begin the Drafting Process

After reaching a consensus on the cost and timeline, our team will begin custom-crafting your letter according to your needs and the state laws.

Types of Legal Letters We Offer

We offer the following legal letters:

1. Letter documenting an occurrence or event
2. Letter to businesses
3. Letter proposing terms and conditions
4. Letters of inquiry/requesting information
5. Letter to financial institutions
6. Letter to schools or universities
7. Letter to your lawyer ( to better manage the relationship)
8. Letter to opposing lawyers
9. Letters to courts/judges
10. Letters Responding to Others’ Assertions
11. Letters to employers/employees
12. Letters to government agencies/departments
13. Letter of Intent
14. Letters of objection/challenging or contesting a determination
15. Proposal letters
16. Application letters
17. Settlement letters
18. Complaint letters
19. Cease and desist letters
20. Letter of Demand/ Civil Demand Letter/ Demand Letter for Payment
21. Any letter in which you need to carefully address a legal, factual, or procedural issue or matter
22. Letter documenting an occurrence or event

Comparing Online Legal Letter Services


Automated Templates

Custom Drafted Letters

Cost Comparison

The average cost of automated templates is $0 to $10

The average cost of custom-drafted letters is $50 to $250

Effectiveness and Legal enforceability

The automated templates are not legally enforceable.

Custom-drafted letters are prepared by legal professionals with knowledge of specific laws; hence, they are enforceable legally

Customer Support and Follow-Up Services 

Once you use automated templates, customer support will not be available to you.

At Legal Writing Experts, we offer customer support and follow-up services. Additionally, we review the letters with our clients and allow for revisions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your legal letter-writing service?
At Legal Writing Experts, we draft all types of letters offered by law firms, attorneys, and legal professionals. The letters we draft include, but are not limited to, general correspondence, client letters, insurance claim letters, compliance letters, employment-related letters, legal opinion letters, notice offers, settlement offers, cease and desist letters, and demand letters.
How long does it take to draft a legal letter?
We draft your letter within 24 hours. Moreover, if your request for a letter is urgent, for example, within 8 hours, our team can deliver within your requested timeline.
Can I review and request revisions to the letter?
Yes. We draft your letter and share it with you for you to review. After you review it, you can institute a revision request.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied?
Yes. If you are unsatisfied with our services, you can request for a refund. The procedure for instituting a refund is detailed in our Refund Policy.
Are your letters tailored to comply with state-specific legal requirements?
Yes, our team is trained and has expertise in all procedural and substantive laws of all states of the United States; thus, your letter will comply with the state-specific legal requirements.