Hello. I am appealing a final restraining order with the Appellate Court in New Jersey. I would like to know if you could write the brief for me.
Thank you so much for taking care of this for me. The person you will be writing the brief for is the defendant Alix Perez. I have attached the following; Temporary Restraining Order, Final Restraining Order, Motion for Reconsideration with the Trial Judge, Notice of Appeal with the New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division. The reason for appealing the judge’s decision is because we feel that the judge got the facts wrong. We also feel that the judge’s findings was not complete insofar as he did not hear from my 2 witnesses and he only reviewed 2 of the 14 pieces of evidence that my attorney submitted to the court. Some of the evidences submitted were text messages between the defendant and the plaintiff where the plaintiff was friendly and loving with the defendant. The 2 witnesses for the defendant were actual witnesses on the night that resulted in the plaintiff obtaining the TRO. The 2 witnesses are mutual friends to both parties and would have confirmed the defendants assertion that he never made treats to harm the plaintiff.
This link should also be helping in preparing the brief.
This is one of the witnesses statements. This was not submitted to the court but it will give you some insight to the night in question. Both he and myself (James Perry) were present for the TRO Hearing, but neither of us were called to give our witness statements. The lawyer for Alix did tell the judge that Alix’s witnesses are “here and ready to testify today”. Also, the Plaintiff also lied and told the judge that during the summer of 2021, that the defendant grabbed him by his hair and dragged him down the stairs and repeated pushed and kicked him. The judge used this testimony even though there was no witnesses, no police report, and not hospital records. The judge also did not consider that the plaintiff and the defendant remained living together for six months after the alleged summertime situation in 2021. The judge also did not consider the abundance of text messages between the plaintiff and the Defendant where the plaintiff told the defendant that he loved him/that they are “sistas”/asking the defendant to borrow money, etc. There was never a past instance of abuse or harassment.
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