a letter to DPP

I work for a construction company in Hawaii and we have a client who wants to remodel his home due to his newly acquired disability. He has owned his home for 11 years and recently gotten into a wheelchair. Since he became disabled he wants to add more rooms in his...

service contract

It does sound reasonable however, I need much more guidance. As I’m looking for help to determine what needs to be in a “service” contract. I haven’t even had a chance for a copywriter to produce the content. The process is moving so quickly...

order to show cause

Hello. Could you possibly edit a reply paper for and order to show cause please? Twenty page doc needs to be reduced and help with copy, proofreading, repetition etc.

cease and desist letter

I am looking to send a very powerful cease and desist letter to a brand that is using images and videos to sell defective products. Are you able to assist at this time?


 I would like a contract to borrow clothing items for my company xxxx we’re a freelance wardrobe stylist company! I’ve attached an old contract that I used previously before but I would like this to be updated and modified to read more professionally (I’m expecting to...

motion for Discover and Carmax

Answer the motion for Discover and Carmax. I have uploaded my complaints that I have sent in and their Motion to Dismiss. Discover Financial Services is listed on my consumer report so that is the reason they are on the complaint

letter of understanding

I would like a standard letter of understanding between two parties to work on an M&A transaction together. I would like this written in plain english and be <= 3 pages including the signature page.

privacy policy

For this assignment, you will create a privacy policy for your organization or a fictitious organization. To help you in this assignment, research publicly available Privacy Policies. Do not copy and paste portions of their policies into yours. The intent of this...