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Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is [Insert Full Name], a student at the [University’s Name] Faculty of
Nursing. I failed the last eight weeks of my nursing degree. That has had, and
continues to have a detrimental effect on my career. However, my failure was as a
result of situational stressors which were beyond my control. This is an appeal of the
determination issued by the University based on the situational stressors highlighted
To begin with, we all had to grapple with Covid-19 which was an unprecedented
pandemic that limited social interaction. There were lockdowns and I was even
forced to isolate. Learning was also conducted remotely. As a result of the foregoing,
I was distracted and unable to fully concentrate on my studies.
During the pandemic, I was among the individuals regarded as being at high risk of
contracting Covid-19. This is because I have [Insert Name of Disease], an
autoimmune disease. The outcome would have been fatal if I had contracted Covid-
19. Three of my immediate family members are immunosuppressed and would all
have been at risk of contracting Covid-19. I was always anxious not to infect them in
case I got it.

I happened to lose my [cat/dog] to [cause of death]. [He/she] was a member of my
family by extension. The loss had a huge toll on me and made me distracted from my
I attended a rigorous interview to become a student nurse, a role that I qualified for
and was hired. My role is now in jeopardy because I failed my final work placement. I
also continue to suffer mental anguish and emotional distress as I do not wish to lose
my placement as a student nurse.
The circumstances outlined above were unfortunate and beyond my control as well
as the university. We were and are all subject to Covid-19 containment guidelines
and measures issued by NHS as well as WHO. We all had no option but to follow
them and deal with the consequences later.
Moving forward, I have taken steps to get rid of all distractions and ensure that I fully
concentrate on my studies. Given a second chance, I will be able to complete my
studies, graduate and begin my career as a nurse.
GRANT my appeal and reverse the determination issued on [Insert Date].
Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal. I am ready to appear before you,
physically or virtually, to provide more information or clarity on anything. I look
forward to a positive response from you.

Respectfully Submitted,

Insert Your Full Name

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