January 17, 2024


This MAKE UP SERVICES Agreement ("Agreement"), dated as of the [insert date], is
made by and between MAKE UP BY OLABISI SERVICES whose address is at [insert
your address] ("Artist"), and [insert name of the Bride/Client] whose address is at [insert
address of the Bride/Client] ("Client” “Bride").
WHEREAS, the Artist is in the business of providing make up services to brides and
bridal teams;
WHEREAS, the Client wishes to engage the Artist to provide such make-up services for
It is agreed as follows:
The Client hereby engages the Artist to provide Makeup and/or Hair Services
(“Services”) on the date and time agreed, at the location determined by the Client. The
Artist agrees to perform these Services for the Client and any other persons to receive
indicated by the Client included in this Contract (“Attendants”), under the Terms and
Conditions set forth in this Contract. In consideration of the mutual promises and
obligations set forth in this Contract, it is hereby agreed between the Client and Artist.
This Agreement does not make the Artist an agent or employee of the Client for any
purpose, the Artist shall at all times be considered as an Independent Service Provider.
The Client agrees;
i. to pay all rates and fees in accordance with the Payment provision. The Client
is responsible for Artist’s traveling fees, accommodation fees, toll fees, and
parking fees in accordance with the Travel/accommodation provision.
ii. The Client will be responsible for collecting payment from every person or
persons receiving services.
iii. Regardless of any personal agreements made between the Client and any of
their Attendants, the Client agrees to assume all responsibility for fees not paid
by their Attendants to the Artist in accordance with the Payments provision.
iv. The Client agrees to provide notice in advance of any and all allergies or
conditions in accordance with the Liabilities provision. The Client also agrees to
have any persons receiving services from Artist or their Assistants to give
notice in advance, and in writing, of any and all allergies or conditions in
accordance with the Liabilities provision.
v. The Client shall provide the Artist with a safe and suitable work area at the
location Services are to be performed. This location will also provide the Artist

with the capability of performing their Services as described, by providing an
appropriate area to work from, ample appropriate lighting by means of natural
light or by lamps, and electrical outlets must also be made available for use.
The Artist shall;
i. provide Services with due skill, time, diligence and care at the location, on the
date and time agreed.
ii. The Artist shall use their own products in the provision of the Services, unless
otherwise agreed upon. If the Artist is unable to perform agreed Services for any
unforeseeable reason, or unavoidable situation, the Artist agrees to arrange for
an equally qualified Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist/Assistant to complete the agreed
upon Services for the same agreed upon terms of payment in accordance with
this Agreement.
iii. The Artist shall use appropriate sanitary practices.
iv. The Artist shall be responsible for sub-contracting additional Makeup Artists/Hair
Stylists/Assistants for large parties in order to perform the Services required in
an appropriate time frame in accordance with the Services provision.
v. The Artist is the sole director of the Services, and shall not be responsible for a
less satisfactory result as the result of any interference in such direction by the
Client or person present at the appointment.
i. In consideration for the full, prompt, and satisfactory performance of all Services
to be rendered to the Client, the Client shall pay the Artist a service fee ("Fee") of
[insert amount] payable in accordance with the following schedule:
[List schedule of payments and amounts inclusive of deposits etc]
ii. The Artist will invoice the Client immediately upon the signing of this agreement.
The invoice will include any and all services performed under this Agreement as
well as any expenses.
iii. Payment will be due [please specify].  A late charge on the outstanding amount
may be added to invoice not paid on time.
iv. From time to time throughout the duration of this Agreement, the Artist may incur
certain expenses that are not included as part of the Fee for the Services to this
Agreement. Should the client be unwilling to comply with the fee structure for the
extra charges that may be incurred in the course of completion of the agreement,
the Artists shall not be liable for damage suffered.
v. The Artist agrees to keep an exact record of any and all expenses acquired while
performing the Services. The Artist will submit an invoice itemizing each
expense, along with proof of purchase and receipt, with the invoice.


The Artist reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately for any breach of
terms, and the contract will become void and all monies given are non-refundable. This
booking arrangement cannot be changed after the Artist/s arrives for the appointment.
Appointments cancelled before the day of the occasion will not be eligible for a refund
on deposits. If the Artist cancels this agreement for a reason other than breach at any
time or is unable to perform the Services for any reason and is unable to find a
replacement Artist, the deposit paid will be fully refunded within two weeks. Client
agrees that the refund of 100% of the deposit is the only liability to the Artist, employees
and agents.

The Client shall not hold the Artist or her employees liable and agree to indemnify
MAKE UP BY OLABISI for any harm, claim, loss, costs, damage, injury or product
reaction to any person or property arising, either directly or indirectly, from the Artist’s
performance, or any other reason whatsoever.
All brushes, tools and makeup products are kept sanitary and are sanitised between
makeup applications. Any skin condition or allergies should be reported by the Client to
the Artist prior to application and, if need be, a patch test of makeup may be performed
on the skin to test for a reaction. Client(s) agrees to release the Artist from liability for
any skin complications due to allergic reactions. If Client(s) have a serious skin/health
condition, the Artist will have to discontinue the service(s) due to hygiene complications.

Any dispute arising from this Agreement must first attempt to be resolved by means of
meaningful negotiation between the parties and thereafter by means of Alternative
Dispute Resolution.

I [insert name of the Client] have read and understand the Terms and Conditions above.

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