Ref Number: [insert reference number]
Your Ref: [insert reference number] [insert date]
The Branch Manager
Chase Bank
[insert contact details]
I, Anthony Johnson, your client and the holder and owner of Chase VISA credit card (4246
31532564-2419) and I wish to address you as hereunder:
That on or about 16 th August 2022, I underwent a surgery at the Lexington Plastic Surgeons.
The said surgery costed $11,000.00 which was charged to my card and the same was debited.
That the said surgery was not performed as agreed by the parties, and the full services were not
rendered to warrant the full amount being debited from my account.
Accordingly, my strict, unequivocal and concise objective is to DEMAND from you, which I
hereby do, that you immediately upon receipt of this letter, to credit back the said $11,000
charged to my Bank Account Chase VISA credit card (4246 31532564-2419) to the said
TAKE NOTICE that unless the aforesaid demands are met within Ten (10) days from receipt of
this letter, I shall endeavor to institute legal proceedings against you and at all times, holding
you liable for costs and other consequences ensuing therefrom. I trust that this will not be
necessary and look forward to your urgent response. Be advised.
Yours Sincerely,

Anthony Johnson

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