Letter for Immigration- David Friesen

February 5, 2023

David Friesen

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Date: ___________


The United States Immigration Department

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To whom it may concern,


This letter serves as my humble statement of facts and reasons to show cause why your office should grant me citizenship. I have enclosed all relevant documents as exhibits, to support the factual allegations herein.


My name is David Friesen. I was born in Canada but I live in Mexico. I am a business developer. 


Living in Mexico has not been easy because crime and violence are a part of the Mexican society. Notably, I witnessed first-hand the terrible effects of criminality in Mexico. This happened when I lost six of my friends due to criminality around two years ago. Having had such a terrible experience, I have reasonably observed that Mexico is not a safe place to stay and establish a successful business, especially for foreigners. It is not uncommon for foreigners to employ private security personnel.  


I have been coming to the United States on a tourist visa, and for each time, I fully utilized the stipulated 180 days. In 2019, I sold my Internet Company in Mexico for a million dollars, and used the money to sustain myself in the United States when visiting. Sometimes in 2020, I got a business opportunity from one of my friends, Kathy Diserens. Kathy had worked in the trailer industry for more than 20 years. After Kathy shared with me how her trailer business was on the verge of collapse due to bankruptcy, I decided to put in my skills to help the business. Within a few months, we set up a multi-million dollar trailer manufacturing enterprise. I had the option of moving the company to Mexico, but decided to set it up in West Texas.


On or about January 2021, our enterprise started working on a $4 million project. It is worth noting that the enterprise at this stage was under my leadership since I am the one who put in my skills to establish it, and decided to let the company be registered in the United States under Texas laws. 


Around three weeks later, I was prevented from getting into the United States to check up on the company. Consequently,, the immigration authorities gave me a five-year ban from travelling to the United States because I had previously worked without a permit.  


The Covid-19 pandemic made me slow down on following up with the immigration department pertaining to my residency and work permit applications. It is worth noting that Covid-19 negatively affected all sectors of the United States economy to the extent that services were closed. Besides, during such unprecedented situations, it is commonplace for individuals to shift their focus to self-preservation. Accordingly, I did not take much thought on obtaining the relevant permits for me to work at that time because my mind was preoccupied with how I would sustain and protect myself and my family from the pandemic. Were the situation different, I would have done due diligence to seek all relevant documentation needed to work in the United States.   


I must state that contravening the law is the last thing I would ever think of. I was raised by hardworking parents who instilled in me the qualities of integrity, hard work, and loyalty. Accordingly, I grew up being self-driven and motivated to live an honorable and respectable life as a law abiding citizen. 


Over the years, I have developed a sense of duty to the society around me. For that reason, I have been involved in non-profit organizations that work with marriages and alcoholics. I have also done countless of hours on Rehab centers and donated most of my time to charity. 


Besides, as a husband and a father, I have always tried to give the best to my family. It is for that reason that at one point, I put my children on public school in the United States. I intended them to avoid the social environment in Mexico, which is ridden in drugs and crime.     


The company is fully adherent to any and all regulations. It is also a source of employment for our staff, which I hold in high regard. I have five partners in the company. I am afraid, if your respectable office denies me citizenship, I will be forced to take the company to Mexico. And as I have already stated, the company will have a hard time surviving in Mexico.   


Accordingly, I seek your indulgence to allow me get into the United States, to obtain citizenship, and manage my multi-million dollar company. If you approve my citizenship request, I will continue managing the business, and giving back to the society and nation at large.


I am looking forward to your positive consideration of this matter. Please contact me if you have any questions. 


Yours truly,



David Friesen 

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