November 28, 2020

I, Vanessa J. Anderson, hereby apply for a study permit to pursue a Business Management diploma at Toronto Management for one year.

Since high school has been to study in Canada, my dream has been my dream, but unfortunately, my parents lacked the ability to fund my tertiary education. My Aunt, who runs a family business called ‘D’s Electronics and More Ltd,’ took me to an Academy to do a vocational field in Graphic Design. Therefore, studying in Canada will be a fulfillment of my dreams and an opportunity to acquire a world-class education. Studying in Canada fosters cross-disciplinary studies and the development of transferable skills. I want to enjoy an excellent quality of life since Canada’s cost of living is lower than in other countries. I want to have an enriching cultural experience since Canada is a highly diverse populated country resulting in a rich and vibrant cultural scene.

Working for my late Aunt (she died in August 2019 due to stage 4 breast cancer leaving the family business to her son) as marketing personnel engaged in advertising the company and its products sparked an interest in learning more about business. What better way there is than to study business management? I choose the business management course because I am passionate about business. I would love to manage my business better and professionally through the Toronto School of Management skills. Toronto School of Management helps its students maximize their potential and become world-class leaders. I am confident that the knowledge and skills acquired from Toronto will be beneficial to me and my business as well.

 My tuition fee for this program was originally $ 19000 CAD. I deposited $ 500 in September, and I received $ 11,000 CAD as a student award. My remaining tuition fee is $7,500, which will be promptly paid before commencing my studies on May 3, 2021. The initial intake was January 5, 2021, but due to COVID-19, I requested a deferral to May 3, 2021. Israel Carty and Leonora Carty, my family friends, will accommodate me while I pursue my studies. They are located at 92 Mikado Crescent, Brampton, Ontario, L6S 3R7.

I sincerely express my gratitude to you in advance for this amazing opportunity to pursue further studies in your country. I hereby commit to upholding the laws, regulations, and conditions of my stay in Canada. I will duly return home after I am done with my studies. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at ________________ or via email ________________

Yours Respectfully,

Vanessa J. Anderson

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