From: Fi Group LLC

To: The Apartment Complex Luv

Our Company, Company Leasing Unit, will be responsible for the payment of rent, departure fee and additional fees incurred in connection to reservation number   ____________. This Agreement shall remain in effect for the duration of occupancy of our employee(s). In addition, we will be responsible for the payment, if applicable, of excessive cleaning or damage above wear in connection to the rental property listed below.

Complex: Hidden Cove Apartments Homes

Unit Address: ———————————-

Reservation Number: —————————–

 Arrival Date: __________________________

Departure Date: ________________________

Monthly Rent: _________________________

Deposit: _____________________________

Departure Fees: ________________________

Name of Occupant(s): Fi Group LLC

Company Leasing Unit will be named as the responsible party on the rental of the above listed property, and will make all rental payments. Upon lease execution, Tenant will be invoiced the 1st month’s rent. Each subsequent monthly rent will be invoiced in advance and is due on the 1st of each month and is late on the 5th of each month.

Company Leasing Unit will be responsible for the payment of additional phone fees billed to the unit and for utility usage above the following amounts: 

Company Leasing Unit will accept responsibility for any damage beyond normal wear and tear.


Company Leasing Unit, Provider City

(Tenant) (Property Manager)

X _____________________ X _________________

Print Name ___________________ Print Name ____________________

Title _____________Date __________ Title___________________ Date________

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