To the Pennsylvania State Police 
Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards
Internal Affairs Division
7820 Allentown Boulevard 2nd Floor
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17112 


I write to complain about the conduct of one of your detectives named ________________as stated above.

My first encounter with the said detective was on or about _______________date. I came to know of the detective since my business partner who I also live with has been charged with various crimes e.g theft and deception. I am however not a party to any of those crimes.

The subject detective has been unjustifiably harassing me to no end. Some of the incidents include but are not limited to:

  1. Calling my family, friends, associates and landlord insinuating that I was involved in a crime and trying to get me to contact him.  He specifically told my landlord that there were criminal activities being conducted where me and my business partner liv, and where I also work from, in an attempt to have us unfairly evicted.
  2. The names, addresses and telephone numbers and dates of contact of some of my aforenamed family, friends and associates who were contacted include:
Name Address Telephone number                       Date contacted (on or about)

The detective’s harassment amounts to misconduct in addition to causing me immense stress, anxiety and regrettably defaming me among my family, friends, associates and landlord. I therefore want the harassment against me by the detective to stop with immediate effect failure to which I shall enforce all of my rights against him.

Yours faithfully,


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