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Audit Bureau of Circulations
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My name is Maria Rosa. I am the wife of Carlos Ale, one of your employees. I am
writing this letter in regard to actions taken by Carlos under the guise of working for your
company. His actions and/or omissions have had a negative impact on me and our child.
Carlos used to work for your company in the U.K. then he resigned on [Insert Date]. He
worked for 6 months in another company, after which he requested to be rehired by your
company. Your company rehired him but he was posted abroad. Carlos told me that your
company had given him a secondment to Argentina for 2 years. Before we moved to Argentina, I
had to sign documents for my child and I to obtain a two-year visa. Everything regarding
obtaining the visas was handled by a law firm under your company’s instruction and pay.
While in Argentina, Carlos applied for a social club and stated that he was working for
your company for 2 years and presented a certification issued by your company stating expressly
that, “Carlos was working at the Argentinian office for a period of 2 years since March 2019.’
The certification was signed by Luis Perez, the Administrative Manager.
At the expiry of his secondment in [Insert Month and Year], Carlos applied for indefinite
leave to enter the U.K. under the grounds that he has an Italian passport, he had lived in the U.K.
and that he had completed his secondment in Argentina. The application was submitted to
immigration authorities at the U.K. Home Office and was granted. A permit was issued.
Currently, we are embroiled in a lawsuit involving our child. He testified under oath that
he has never been sent on a secondment to Argentina. He also stated that he has always worked
in Argentina and presented certification issued by your company stipulating, “Carlos works for
ABC from 1 March in Argentina and he has indefinite contract.” The certification was also
signed by Luis Perez. The court ruled in my favor but he wants to appeal the decision.
Carlos has used certifications issued by your company to his advantage. When he wanted
to gain immigration status in Argentina, he used the certification which stated that he was on

secondment to Argentina. When it came to facilitating our child and I’s travel back to the U.K.,
he used the certification which stated that he had an indefinite contract. He has also committed
perjury by lying under oath using the certifications issued by your company.
The visa issued to our child and I was subject to a contract, therefore I could not work,
open a bank account or have any other citizen privileges. I depended entirely on Carlos. The
documents I signed for a two-year visa ending March 2021 are in possession of your company.
Your company applied for an extension of visa for my child which needs authorization of both
parents. I did not consent to the extension of my child’s visa yet your company went ahead and
applied for the extension, forcing my child to stay in Argentina without the consent of both
parents as required by law.
Being a member of UN Global Impact, it would be reasonable to expect ABC to adhere
to human rights principles. The actions of the employees and/or agents of ABC are contrary to
human rights principles of the right to life and liberty, and the right to work and education. ABC
is vicariously liable for the actions of its employees and/or agents.
I hereby request clarification on the following: (1) the type of contract that Carlos has
with ABC, (2) the country and addresses of where Carlos has been working since 2017, and (3)
the name and address of the person who will sign a legal declaration on behalf of ABC. Failure
to provide me with the foregoing information within 7 days will lead me to take action against
ABC, including going public and pursuing other legal remedies.

Yours Sincerely,
Maria Rosa

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