State of Georgia
Rockdale County
I, Lorenzo Kilgore of 2969 Stanton Rd SE, Conyers, GA 30094, do hereby swear under oath

  1. I was referred to Certified Roofing and Gutters by Sidney Pirtle. I spoke with
    Antonio Johnson sometime around late July 2021.
  2. We agreed to meet and I gave him my address sometime around July 23, 2021. We
    agreed to meet and he came out to do a roof inspection on July 24,2021. I did inform he that a
    roof inspection had already been done by another roofing company, but he did a separate inspection
    for his estimate.
  3. After the inspection, I informed him that if he was going to install the new roof, I
    needed a date and I needed to see the shingles that were going to be installed. He brought the
    shingles by and I informed him that I wanted the architectural shingles.
  4. Later on, I signed a contract with him and he gave me the date of August 13, 2021
    to install the shingles. When I signed the contract, he did inform me that normally he receives the
    payment that the insurance company sends as the deposit, which would have been $,4050.00. I
    told him that when he starts working on the roof, I’ll release the deposit. On August 21, 2021, his
    workers brought some shingles by and I did not inspect the shingles because we had agreed on
    what shingles would be installed and I just expected the shingles he brought would be those exact
  5. On Friday August 13, 2021, his workers showed up to remove the existing shingles
    and install the new roof. First the old shingles and felt were removed. Then the workers installed
    the synthetic felt. When they opened the shingles that were delivered on August 12, 2021, they
    were the wrong shingles and not the architectural shingles that we had agreed on. I called Antonio
    Johnson and informed him that his guys brought the wrong shingles. Initially, he said, “No, they
    brought the right shingles”, so I then let him speak to his foreman, Laurencio.; Laurencio informed
    Antonio that those were indeed another type of shingle that was a level below what we had agreed
  6. Antonio, spoke with me over the phone and told me that those shingles would work,
    but I told him I did like how those shingles looked and that’s not what we agreed on. He then told
    me that he couldn’t exchange the shingles because he had spent nearly $20,000.00 to supply other

jobs. He said that it would take 3 days for his money to be returned to his card, then, he could buy
the right shingles. By this time, my roof was exposed and at no time did he offer to secure the roof
from the outer elements and rain was forecasted for the next day. I told him that getting the right
shingles was his responsibility and that he needed to return the shingles and get the right shingles.
He told me to give him a few minutes and that he would call me back. While I was waiting for him
to call me back, I went to Lowes to confirm the difference between the shingles that he bought and
the architectural shingles we agreed on. When he did call me back, he said he would not be able
to return the shingles and purchase the ones that we agreed upon.

  1. I told him that the roof needed to be complete today. He told me that he could not
    get the shingles that day. After he could not offer a solution to purchase the shingles, I told him
    that I would by the shingles. I told him that I would go to Home Depot because they had enough
    shingles in inventory to finish the installation. He told me that he would meet me there. I went
    there and bought the shingles. See Receipt. The workers that were helping him delivered the
    shingles and once they were on site, the crew began to install the shingles on the top of the roof.
  2. I stepped outside to see how things were going and I noticed that an ice and water
    shield barrier was on the ground. The ice and water shield barrier were supposed to be installed
    over the patio roof on the back side of the house because of a seem between the gable and the
  3. When I saw that the ice and water shield was not being installed, was still on the
    ground, but shingles were being installed on the patio, I mentioned it to the foreman. I asked the
    foreman can he go up on the roof and tell them that the ice and water shield need to be installed
    on the patio roof. He said that he cannot go up on the roof because he just had appendix surgery.
    I called Antonio Johnson and informed him that the ice and water shield was not being installed.
    He told me that his foreman was going to take care of it. I told him that I just told the foreman and
    that the foreman did not communicate the instructions to the workers. Then, I proceeded to go up
    on the roof and stop them. One of the workers was able to interpret and let the installers know that
    the ice and water shield needed to installed before the shingles.
  4. They did remove some of the shingles and begin to install the ice and water shield
    and I took a photo of the start of that process and told them to let me know when the ice and water
    shield has been fully applied, but no one ever came to let me know. Nor did they take a photo to
    show me that it was properly.
  5. See Photo.
  6. Between 2 -3 pm that day, Antonio Johnson came to the site with his trailer and
    loaded up the other shingles. I told him about the difficulty of the job and that this was supposed
    to be a process whereby his guys would install the roof and I would have never had to get involved.
    He asked me have I ever flew with Delta Airlines?? He said that there might be turbulence on the
    ride, but Delta’s job was just to get you from one destination to another. I told him that if I knew
    that the job was going to be like this, I would have chosen a different contractor and that he’s just
    the kind of contractor that homeowner’s want to avoid.
  7. By the end of the day, the roof was completed and was debris and nail all over the
    lawn. The workers began to clean up, but it was getting late. When the roof was being removed,
    the workers had tarps to catch a lot of the nails, but they removed the tarp and a large quantity of
    nails fell from the tarp. Because the nails were blown from the roof with a leaf blower and on the
    main part of the lawn, I removed a lot of those nails myself. As we began to lose daylight, I began
    to help even more to restore my yard in the condition that it was in before these guys ever showed
  8. As we were cleaning up, Antonio walked over to me and said, “ Hey when you
    make the check out to pay for the roof, make it out to Laurencio Jimenez-Juarez. I told him that I
    contracted with him and that it was his job to pay him because our agreement was that $4,045.00
    would be paid as a deposit and the rest would be paid upon completion and after the insurance
    company releases payment. After this Laurencio ask to talk to me and told me that he needed to
    get paid because Antonio owed him $7,000.00 from a previous job. Due to it being late in the day,
    I told Laurencio that I would pay him with my own money on the next morning, which was
    Saturday, August 14, 2021. I paid him $4,045.00.
  9. After I paid him Antonio sent me an invoice via email on 8/24/2021 for $16,255.00.
    then I told him that he needed to deduct the payment that was made to Laurencio. He deducted
    the payment, but did not deduct the payment for the shingles that I bought. I reminded him that
    he needed to deduct for the shingles. He then sent an invoice for the $8434.00. I paid him
    $5,934.50 as Final Payment (See copy of Cashier’s Check). I told him that he was in breach of
    contract and due to lack of performance based on our agreement and what I had to provide as well
    a no proof of proper ice and water shield installation, the check was final payment.

shingles put on before ice and water shield

some shingles removed and ice and water shield applied

ice and water shield beginning installation

Roofers did assure me that they would apply ice and water shield all the way to the edge of roof,
but never informed me they completed the install of the ice and water shield.

Under penalty of perjury, I hereby declare and affirm that the above stated facts, to the best of my
knowledge and belief, are true and correct.

Dated this _ day of April, 2022.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lorenzo Kilgore


I, Lorenzo Kilgore, being duly sworn depose and say that I have read the foregoing Affidavit and
know the contents thereof. That the same is true of my own knowledge except as to those matters
and things stated upon information and belief, and as to those things, I believe them to be true.

(Sign in the presence of a Notary Public)

Sworn to and subscribed before me this _ day of ____________, 2022.

Notary Public

(Printed name of Notary Public)
My Commission Expires: ________


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Certified Roofing & Gutters
3301 Buckeye Rd Ste 205
Atlanta, GA 30341 US

Lorenzo Kilgore
2969 Stanton Road SE
Conyers, Georgia 30094

DATE 08/24/2021
TERMS Due on receipt
DUE DATE 08/24/2021

Roof Installation 49 Squares Charcoal HDz 1 16,255.00 16,255.00
Credit Memo Homeowner paid materials. Home Depot receipt ending in


1 -3,775.50 -3,775.50

PAYMENT 9,979.50
BALANCE DUE $2,500.00


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