I’d like a legal professional to review some documents related to:

1. Purchase of Real Estate
2. Installment Sale (of beneficial interest of land trust)
3. Supporting documents for both.

Contracts should adhere to the laws of Ohio state.

Specific goals I have include:

1. Wrap mortgage financing addendum to allow for a seller financed payout higher than his loan balance

2. Structuring of the installment sale contract to allow for eviction as remedy, instead of foreclosure, on real property held by the trust, in the case of default.

I will supply the “main” documents and request edits to them. You may supply or create addendums and other support documents as needed.

The first one is 3 pages. 2nd is also 3 pages. Third is 10 pages. 4th is 1 page
Would it be okay if we started with one to see how you did? I’m thinking of the Purchase and Sale Agreement to start

, look forward to seeing your work! Ideally you could keep the language soft and un-intimidating even if it raises risk of disclarity or lowers absolute protection a bit. I don’t want to scare people off.

The Purchase and Sale Agreement (2nd document)
It needs some disclosures required on Ohio PSA agreements. But I don’t know which ones Ohio requires
Things like Lead Paint, etc. I’m curious if we can add those as a disclosures addendum to avoid cluttering the PSA