More than being the best university in high standing in the community and
internationally, the University of Northampton piqued my interest in pursuing my
MBA, which is globally recognized.
In the last I have worked with _________ as a
_____ which has thrown me some major work experiences like
_______. it has reached a point in my life and through those
experiences at work, that I started to question my future and what I could do to better
it both professional and personal.
People always say to separate the professional and the personal life, but I know the
two are intertwined, and to have a better handle on both, you need to be content with
whatever progress you require on both.
I found my solution to this, and it’s by gaining more relevant knowledge and going
back to the job market, and hopefully getting a higher-level job at a reputable
In conclusion I believe my work experience in _____ and the skills
acquired like ______ will suffice my enrollment in your institution. I
look forward to the start of this new chapter in my life with you Northampton.

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