WHOGOTDRIP is an online contest looking into awarding the best dressed individuals.


Every eligible contestant shall pay $50 to sign up for the contest


Upload any photo of yourself that you feel is the best dressed. The photo should not be inappropriate. Any photo which is inappropriate will lead to an automatic disqualification and no refunds shall be made once an individual is disqualified.


The contest shall commence one day after 3000 contestants have signed up for the contest.

Once we reach the 3000 sign ups, there will be 100 individuals who will be selected everyday randomly for a period of 30 days. The 100 contestants will appear in 5 slides. Each day, 20 slides shall be displayed for friends, family and the general public to vote. Out of the 100 contestants each day, the contestant with the most votes shall be retained and the 99 contestants eliminated.

Each day, the individual with most votes shall be selected (1 person out of 100) and the rest will be eliminated. After the 30 days of voting, the selected persons from each day (30 contestants) will compete against each other leaving only one winner. The winner shall be given a prize.


  1. The winner shall be awarded 1 full outfit comprising of;

1 pair of shoe

1 shirt

1 short

Pants or a dress

The maximum amount for the outfit shall be $3000.

  • The winner shall also be awarded a sum of $5000 in cash.


As a contestant, you grant us the permission to be filmed and likeness used for web TV/web series.

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