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(The bride reserves the right to select pictures)

Electronic signature: __________________________________


We all share the predicament that came with COVID-19. For this reason, we strongly advise you to adhere to the COVID-19 safety guidelines to ensure the safety of the clients and our personnel. This includes but not limited to sanitizing, wearing masks and getting the COVID-19 vaccine if possible.

You agree that you seek this service at your own risk since it involves up-close interaction. Our Company and any of its personnel shall not be liable in the event any client contracts COVID-19.

We have tried our best to put in measures that will ensure that the clients are protected from contracting the virus but we cannot guarantee 100% protection. Our personnel have been vaccinated against Corona Virus and are well aware of the safety measures.


On the wedding day, the hair will be done following a schedule. The bride and her team must be on time and properly prepared. We offer limited services therefore every person getting their hair done in an up do, half-up style, or curls must have their hair already clean and thermal pressed or flat iron. If not, the services will be forfeited and the charge will still apply.  If time permits, the stylist may offer the above services at an extra fee.

The stylist needs a designated space to set up when on location. The bride is responsible for clearing an area before stylist(s) arrives. The stylist will need a work area with a chair near an outlet in a no walk-through traffic area. Good light and a mirror. If services cannot be performed due to insufficient work conditions or tardiness, all fees still apply. The hair stylist will not be held liable for any injuries that should arise while on location.

Bride Consultation/Practice Schedule Pre-Wedding Day

Consultation- minimum 3 months before the wedding date. A trial date will be scheduled at time of consultation. Additional trial dates can be scheduled in the future, as long there is availability to accommodate. You will need these items for your trial run:

– Your headpiece, if any.

– A picture of your dress.

– Kindly wear mascara, lip stick and subtle foundation if possible.

Bride/Bridal Party – Wedding Day

– Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time.

Wear a robe or a cloth that can easily be removed. 

– Do not shampoo your hair the day of your appointment.

– Arrive with clean, dry, flat iron hair and parted where you prefer it or recommended.

– Inspirational pictures are the best way to ensure that you will receive close or the exact look you want from your stylist. Bring these to your appointment.

– Bring hair accessories, if any.

Pre-Wedding Payment

This contract must be completed and submitted with a $100 refundable deposit 90 days before wedding appointments are booked and/or reserved. Once submitted, I will work with you to schedule your appointment(s) for a trial date. Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your wedding appointments. A 50% payment is due and payable 45 days before your wedding.

Day of Event Payment

3 days before the wedding date, the remainder of your account balance shall be PAID IN FULL. NO EXCEPTIONS. A new balance will be incurred for extra time spent (on location). There is a $50/hour fee for extra time spent after services has been completed, i.e., touch-ups for photos, videos and reception event. Bride assumes the responsibility of payment for services in full for all members of her party or a designated person assigned to coordinate with. Gratuities are not included. A 15-20% gratuity is traditionally given for any service and much appreciated.

Late Arrivals/No Shows

If clients are 15 minutes late or more, services may not be performed due to stylists’ next appointment. However, full payments will be made if the lateness is caused by Clients’ tardiness.  

Cancellations and Refunds

If cancellations are made more than 30 days prior to the event date, there will be a refund of $100 deposit plus 50% of the remaining balance. Cancellations with less than a 30-day notice will forfeit the $100 deposit and 50% prepayment fee, 15-day notice will forfeit 75% prepayment fee. Cancellations must be submitted in writing or via e-mail or text.

This contract is due with $100 deposit 90 days prior to the wedding date or the date will be released and made available on a first come, first served basis. If there are 4 or more people requesting services another stylist must be hired on to help, therefore this contract must be submitted with $100 deposit 120 days prior to the wedding date.

Upon receipt of this contract, the stylist will provide the bride with the total amount to be paid and the schedule. In the event a stylist is unable to perform services as agreed, all efforts will be made so that a replacement stylist performs the contracted services. Should an emergency occur so last minute that no stylist can be made available, all fees will be refunded.

Our Company is only liable to you for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence.

Exemption from or limitation on liability for damages under the previous paragraphs also applies to any claims that may exist against employees or agents of our Company.

“I, _________________________________________ (Bride print name) understand and agree to all the conditions stated in this contract”.

Electronic signature (Bride): __________________________________________

Date: _________________

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In-Salon – During business hours On Location or outside normal business hours

Bride$601 Stylist  (1 to 3 people)$250
Trial$752 Stylist  (4 to 9 people)$450
Bridal Party
Flatiron or Curl$60
Up do$70
Half up half down$70
Thermal Press/curl or flatiron$60
Thermal press/Up do$70


 Name (first name)Hair LengthServicesPrice
Bride’s mother    
Maid or Matron of honor    
Bridesmaid 1    
Bridesmaid 2    
Bridesmaid 3    
Bridesmaid 4    
Bridesmaid 5    
Bridesmaid 6    

S=short, M=medium, L=long

Services Total: $

Add’l Requested Services: $

Travel Fee: $

Parking Fee (if applicable):

Total: $

Deposit Amount:Date:
2nd payment Amount:Due:
Final Amount:Due:

Bride Electronic signature: ______________________________________   

Hair extensions are also available for additional cost – inquire at the time of consultation or 30 days before wedding day.

Travel fee is included for up to 20 miles from Riverside, CA. An additional travel fees will apply for any mileage over the 20 miles. If applicable, parking must be paid for by the bride.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express), Venmo, Cash app or Zelle.

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