Neo Chin Chuan


Ministry of Law

100 High Street #08-02 The Treasury

Singapore 179434


24th May 2021

Dear Sirs,


I write this letter to bring to your attention the above subject matter for your further action against Tang Boon Hiap for various violations and commission of offences defined under the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act.

I became acquainted with Mr. Hiap in the year 2018. At the time, he introduced himself to my family and I as Tang Wee Seng. He approached us with a proposal to invest in a business he owned providing limousine services. He claimed his business was thriving and wanted the same to expand, and therefore sought capital to realize the expansion. As a condition for investing in the business, Mr. Hiap offered that my wife, Chai Yin Wendy, join him as a business partner in the growing business. Mr. Hiap also promised that investment into the business will be rewarded with returns from the business’s revenue.

In his proposal, Mr. Hiap boasted of trade connections and projects with the government, including large scale events such as the Formula One championship and the Kim-Trump summit. Mr. Hiap assured that such events will guarantee the growth and success of the business. On our part, we (my wife, my mother – Loh Ngan Mui, and myself) were satisfied with Mr. Hiap’s proposal and likewise proceeded to inject capital into Mr. Hiap’s business. To date, the total amount my family and I have invested into the business stands at $432,350.

Following the initial investment, no suspicious activities were seen to occur. However, as time went by, various issues came to light.

  1. Sometimes in November 2018, Mr. Hiap admitted to not owning the business he earlier alleged to be his own. Mr. Hiap claimed only to be a manager at the business and not the actual owner.
  2. On 10th February 2019, during a meeting between myself, my family and Mr. Hiap, it was revealed that Mr. Hiap has been adjudged bankrupt in accordance with the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act.
  3. Sometimes in January 2021, it came to my attention that Tang Wee Seng was a false and fabricated name used by Mr. Hiap, and that his real name was Tang Boon Hiap. This information also revealed that Mr. Hiap had a reputation of obtaining money under false pretences.
  4. To date, Mr. Hiap has been unable to account for over $70,000 of the total amount my family and I provided as capital.

It is my firm belief that Mr. Hiap is guilty of:

  • Obtaining credit and engaging in business contrary to Section 412 of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act
  • Failure to keep proper accounts of business contrary to Section 413 of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act
  • Bankrupt incurring debt without reasonable ground of expectation of being able to pay it contrary to Section 415 of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act

Around 2nd January 2020, Mr. Hiap and I held a conversation via text messages. In the conversation, Mr. Hiap indicated knowledge and awareness that his actions amount to offences under the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act. Mr Hiap further indicated that his breach of the Act has been reported to the Official Assignee for further action. Mr. Hiap alleges the Official Assignee has issued him with a warning for first time breach. Further, he alleges the Official Assignee has directed the monies owed be repaid in monthly instalments of $100 to $150.

Given the history shared with Mr. Hiap as demonstrated in this letter, I am cautious and apprehensive of any information provided by Mr. Hiap. I have received no official communication from the Official Assignee or any other person/entity with the authority of the Official Assignee. I am concerned that Mr. Hiap has taken upon himself to misrepresent your good office and the members that serve the citizens of our great nation.

I therefore address your good office out of concern for myself, my family and the general public at large. Mr Hiap has demonstrated total lack of concern for the best interest of those around him and has breached the legal provisions intended to provide him with a clean slate. It is therefore my humble wish that your good office investigates this matter and uphold the justice system of our great nation.

I have enclosed with this letter all the supporting information within my possession for your review and consideration.

I anxiously await your response.

Yours faithfully,

Neo Chin Chuan.

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