Pursuant to the Contract Signed and dated 04/01/21 (Contract attached to this letter) made between you and Our Company, the purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the grievances put forth regarding the pool project that you assigned us to perform. We confirm that we are the contractors assigned to carry out the pool remodeling project stated in the Contract.

We would like to inform you in writing that we undertake to carry out the above work according to your specifications which entail remodeling the SPA back to how it initially appeared (Pictures attached herein).

Further, we would like you to sign the declaration below in order for both of us to agree on the terms. By appending your name on the declaration section, you agree that any and all modifications made by us will be approved and that no negotiations, complains or grievances of any manner will be made after the work is complete. You agree to exclude Vivid LLC from any and all liabilities that may result as a consequence of this project. This letter forms part of the initial Contract signed between you and our Company and shall be binding upon appending signatures by both parties.




I, __________________________________________________________, verify the information stated above as accurate and true. Additionally, I confirm that the only issue in regards with the pool project entailed the appearance of the SPA, which I would like it reverted to resemble the design prior to the current modifications made by Vivid LLC.

I certify that I have accurately and truthfully completed all information provided to VIVID LLC and that I am fully responsible for the information. I expressly confirm that VIVID LLC is in no way responsible or liable for the accuracy and/or completeness of the information provided.

I confirm that I have tasked VIVID LLC with the duty to remodel the SPA back to how it initially appeared (Pictures attached herein).

Signature: __________________________________

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