Our Ref: [insert Attorney’s reference no.]
Your Ref: [insert your reference no.] Date: [insert date]
[insert your details]
[insert your address]
Attn: [insert your name]
Dear [Madam/sir],
Re: [insert the details of the case subject to this undertaking]

Reference is made to the above matter.
Please refer to the various emails between yourselves and the undersigned. In
consideration of the foregoing, we hereby give you our irrevocable and unconditional
professional undertaking in the following terms;
A. That we shall cause our Account Manager to pay to your account the amount
being [insert the amount in dollars] in full with any necessary deductions
agreed between us, by way of Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), to your
designated bank account, and which remittance shall be effected within Fourteen
(14) days of receipt of such settlement amounts referred to hereinabove.
B. We confirm that we shall forward the said amounts herein into the following
designated bank account;
Account Name : [insert details]
Account Number: [insert details]
Bank Name : [insert details]
Branch : [insert details]
C. That we shall hold the Documents and all other confidential information in trust to
your order returnable on demand and that we shall not release nor cause to be
released the Documents or the said confidential information to any other person
whosoever without first obtaining your written consent and on the clear
understanding that even if we release the Documents or Confidential Information
to any other person whomsoever, we shall still be bound by the terms of the
undertaking herein.
D. That we shall utilize any or all the Documents and or confidential information
solely in your best interests.

E. Time shall be of essence in respect of all of our obligations herein.
F. We shall further confirm and irrevocably undertake that we are solely liable and
responsible for the full compliance with the terms and conditions of this
undertaking and that we indemnify you and shall keep you indemnified in respect
of all claims, loss and damage which you may suffer by reason of any breach by
us of this undertaking.
G. That this Professional Undertaking will remain in force until such time that you
shall expressly release us from the same which release shall be granted upon
our full compliance and settlement of the balance of the purchase price.
H. That this Undertaking shall be governed by the Laws of [insert jurisdiction,
whether US or china].

Yours Sincerely,
[insert name of the Attorney]
Cc. Client.

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