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In response to your intellectual property infringement letter dated April 23, 2021we would like to bring to your attention that Sanicanada Company is a small startup company that manufactures and imports plumbing fixtures. Besides, Sanicada provides drop shipping services on its website. Therefore, the said patented faucets model PHY011, F016, and HK-8233 are drop shipped for Aliexpress, com and are not in any way manufactured or designed by us directly or indirectly.

Further, we represent and warrant that:

  1. Our Company does not import, or manufacture the faucets model PHY011, AND F016, and HK-BF8233.
  2. We will cease distributing, shipping, selling, or offering for sale the said faucets on our website.
  3. We do not have any product physically in stock as we drop ship for who are the sellers and promoters of this product.
  4. We do have written itemization but we do not have a volumen as we do not produce; we only promote the faucets on our website.
  5. We did not intend to infringe on your intellectual property rights nor do we intend to do so in the future.
  6. We did not intend to deceive the public that we manufacture the patented faucets, we were merely drop shipping. 

We kindly implore you to cease and desist from taking any legal action against our company as we were offering drop shipping services. We undertake to cease any activities that infringe your intellectual property rights.

Kind regards, 

Abel Lezcano

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