I think I’m too late for a tort letter. when this happened Jan 25 2020 I would like to file a lawsuit against the hospital. I am close to the statue of limitations. Would you be able to help me write a lawsuit for me

should I send you basics. Date of incident: Jan 25, 2020 Visiting my mother who was admitted to the hospital. I check in through the ER and hospital security steals my phone from me in the ER lobby pushing me I fall back. The police took the report in which security lies saying that I punched his face. Detective fo the police lies on the investigation report. The police would not show me the police report until case was dismissed. Case was dismissed last year June 2020. I finally got the police report through records request and detective made lies on the report saying I assaulted the security guard shown on hospital camera. My mother died during this fearful time when I was trying to defend myself against the court system. No one bothered to look at the hospital footage. Only one that viewed the footage was the detective who know the hospital will not allow anyone to view due to hippa.