The Jury Selection Process Helps Ensure a Fair Trial

April 6, 2023

The Jury Selection Process Helps Ensure a Fair Trial

A jury is a group of persons who are sworn in for the purpose of charging an accused persons or to try a question of fact. The right to a jury was provided in the United States Constitution under Article III, Section 2, the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendment. Potential members of a Jury are chosen from lists of registered voters and those with drivers licenses in the relevant jurisdiction.

Jury selection follows the maxim that government is of the people, by the people and for the people. Its rationale is that fairness will be achieved when an accused person is heard by a group of rational citizens and not just the judge. Coupling the judges experienced in law and the jury’s independent thinking is a great way to ensure that justice is served since the law is sometimes rigid which can lead to injustices. The law is made to protect the people so it is only fair that the people get a say in how this can be achieved.

The verdicts issued that found O.J Simpson, Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman not guilty of the charges levelled against them were termed as a surprise to many people, some even protesting against the verdicts. This is proof that the jury can be impartial and go against societal expectations. Just like any other judicial process, the jury selection process is not perfect, it needs better implementation mechanisms such as monitoring media coverage of cases.

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