In this terms of use, reference to “the Company” ,“we”, “us” or similar words refers to the proprietors of the website and reference to “the client “, “customer” or “you” refers to the website user.


These Terms of Use dictate our relationship with you. Please read them and ensure that you have understood them. By proceeding to use our services, you are agreeing to be bound by them.


Accessing our website means that you have accepted our terms of use.


  • We value your privacy and take various steps to ensure its safe, however, please take note that we cannot guarantee complete safety of your data.
  • We will collect, use, disclose and dispose your data per our Privacy Policy.
  • By proceeding, you agree to the collection, use, disclosure and disposal of your data in accordance to these terms and our Privacy Policy


  • We are not liable for;
  • The safety of your log in credentials. Please ensure that you protect your log in details from third parties.
  • Damages caused as result of using the website.
  • Any information you provide on the website. Due care should be taken before providing anyb details. You should refrain from among others false, abusive, misleading  and illegal dispensation of information.
  • Information from third parties using our website e.g. advertisers.
  • We may discontinue your use of the services if you are in violation of these terms, the law or any other governing principles. Please use the website responsibly.
  • We own any data published on the website free of monetary consideration.
  • You do not acquire ownership of any of our intellectual property through the use of the website. All intellectual property owned by us during the subsistence of the agreement is our exclusive property.


  • Payments to the Vendor shall be arrived at through deduction from the selling price, the listing fee, transaction fee, commission and penalties if any. the balance shall be paid out to the vendor.  
  • The amount of commission charged will be __________ percent (%) of the selling price. this amount shall automatically be withheld by the company.
  • Payments shall be made to the vendor through the bank account they shall provide. Payments shall be released after five (5) to ten (10) business days after shipping of product.
  • The vendor shall be under a duty to attach an invoice to the goods when delivering them at the company for shipping to the customer. This invoice shall be forwarded to the customer. the company shall also issue an invoice to the vendor outlining the commission, fees charged and any penalties imposed upon them.
  • Payments made to the vendor will only be calculated from orders successfully shipped and paid for by the customer. Items that have been shipped but not yet delivered and paid for by the customer will not be calculated in the payments until these steps have been completed.
  • The vendor shall be responsible for bearing their own tax obligations..


  • A customer may be allowed to refuse delivery as long as the delivery product packaging remains intact and without damage. Such refusal may be as a result of change of mind of the customer, insufficient funds to make payments , unavailability to receive delivery, product defects, unfit packaging e.t.c
  • If the customer’s failure to accept delivery of goods is in line with the company’s return policy, the vendor is obliged to accept the return of goods.
  • The vendor is also duty bound to accept returned goods if they; are faulty, product delivered was the wrong one; the goods don’t match their description on the company website.
  • If the return is in accordance with any of the conditions outlined above, the customer will have 14 days to make the return of goods after which such return will be disallowed.
  • We use a Quality Control check to determine who is responsible for defects in goods. We shall only refund or replace defective goods if the defect is caused by us. If it was caused by the Vendor, the costs of the goods shall be deducted from any amount owed to them. If it is the customer’s fault, they shall not receive any refunds. Any deducted amount shall be less the commission.


  • Once you stop using our services, the agreement between us is terminated except for any provisions that were intended to survive the termination.
  • We can terminate this agreement at any time and with no notice if you breach any of the stipulated terms.
  • Termination shall not discharge you of any liabilities accrued during the subsistence of the agreement.


We may amend these terms at our discretion and serve you with the relevant notice.


We may be contacted through the following address;





We may amend or remove any provision of these terms that is invalidated by Court or any legal organ having jurisdiction. The rest of the terms shall remain valid.


The construction, validity, and performance of this agreement shall be governed in all respects by Laws of __________________.

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