Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply specifically to the FIRST Conference (‘EVENT’). ‘EVENT VENUE’
refers to the location where the EVENT is held. Sponsorships are granted on a first-come, first-served
basis. The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams, Inc. (‘FIRST’) reserves the right to reject any
prospective sponsor company (‘SPONSOR’) that it deems inappropriate. SPONSOR includes any person,
firm, company, corporation, institution, association, or committee to whom the sponsorship is
allocated. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.

  1. All sponsorships will be awarded on a first-
    come, first-served basis. SPONSORS need to be
    committed to computer security improvement,
    concerned about the security infrastructure of
    the Internet and associated communications
    elements, and be supportive of FIRST’s mission
    to participate in this conference as a
    SPONSOR. FIRST retains the right to reject any
    sponsor that it deems inappropriate without
    giving any reason.
  2. After written acceptance by FIRST, the
    SPONSOR must provide a logo image (in. AI or.
    EPS, the format required by FIRST) and other
    details required (such as correct use of the
    sponsor’s name, trademarks, etc.) to FIRST
    within 30 days of receipt of acceptance.
  3. Sponsorship agreements cannot be
    processed without payment. Funds must
    be payable in US dollars. All cheques
    should be made payable to FIRST.
    SPONSOR shall be responsible for any taxes
    on the sponsorship fee and any costs from
    a bounced or rejected cheque.
  4. The sponsor may cancel the sponsorship
    by written notification to FIRST up to 60-
    days prior to the EVENT start date.
    Sponsorship cannot be canceled after
    that date because FIRST incurs the cost
    of printing and other
    sponsorship recognition and loss of sponsorship.
    Suppose notification of cancellation is received within
    60-days of the EVENT start. In that case, FIRST will

attempt to revise sponsor recognition items as
feasible, and FIRST shall be entitled to retain
100% of the sponsorship fee as damages.

  1. Should any unforeseen event that is beyond
    the control of FIRST render the fulfillment of
    this agreement by FIRST impossible or
    impractical, FIRST may return a portion of
    the amount paid for the sponsorship after
    deduction of any amounts necessary to cover
    expenses incurred in connection with work
    performed on the production of the EVENT
    prior to the occurrence of the unforeseen
    event. Such expenses shall include but not
    be limited to expenses incurred by FIRST due
    to contracts with third parties for services or
    products connected with the EVENT,
    including out-of-pocket expenses and
    overhead expenses attributable to the
    EVENT’s production. No funds will be
    returned should the dates or location of the
    show be changed by FIRST, but the
    sponsorship benefits will be applied to the
    EVENT held at the changed location and/or
    changed date. FIRST shall not be financially
    liable if the show is interrupted, canceled,
    moved, or dates changed except as provided
  2. The sponsorship fee does not include free
    EVENT registration unless expressly stated in
    the sponsorship opportunity details.
  3. Provision of FIRST conference sponsorship does
    not entitle the SPONSOR to a waiver of any

applicable annual FIRST membership fee.

  1. Accommodation costs are not included in the
    conference registration fee or sponsorship
    fee. Attendees are responsible for making
    their lodging arrangements.
  2. All sponsorship materials must be submitted
    45-days prior to the EVENT start date to
    ensure inclusion in the production
    schedule. Sponsorship requests after this
    date may still be accepted with caveats.
  3. SPONSORS may not sublet, assign, or
    apportion any part of the item(s) sponsored
    nor represent, advertise, or distribute
    literature or materials for the products or
    services of any other firm or organization
    except as approved in writing by FIRST.
  4. FIRST will not be liable for damage or
    loss to a SPONSOR’S properties through
    fire, theft, accident, or any other cause,
    whether the result of negligence or
  5. No part of an exhibit and no signs or other
    materials may be pasted, nailed, or
    otherwise affixed to walls, doors, or other
    surfaces in a way that mars or defaces the
    EVENT VENUE premises or equipment and
    furnishings. Damage from failure to observe
    this notice is payable by the SPONSOR.
  6. Sponsorship is not limited to financial
    support per se but can also provide material
    hardware/software, etc. Should your
    company be interested in a sponsorship
    package not listed in this brochure, please
    feel free to contact us to discuss your
  7. FIRST reserves the right to select and finalize
    the design of each branded conference item.
    SPONSORS may request to sponsor single or
    multiple items/ events.
  8. For sponsorship opportunities that include
    signage, please note – signage space may be
    limited. The FIRST organizers will inform each
    SPONSOR of the maximum size, number of
    signs, etc.
    In order to limit costs, FIRST may limit the
    number of colors used for the printing of
    SPONSOR logos.
  9. If a SPONSOR wants to negotiate for a higher-
    priced item (e.g., higher quality shirt, bag,
    menu, etc.) than FIRST has budgeted,
    SPONSOR must pay any additional cost for that
    item in addition to the applicable sponsorship
  10. The attendee list shall remain the property of
    FIRST. SPONSOR is granted a limited,
    nonexclusive license to use the list for
    legitimate correspondence related to
    computer security incident response matters
    only. SPONSOR may not transfer the list to
    another party nor allow another party access
    to the list. Any SPONSOR violating these
    restrictions may be subject to an infringement
    claim. In addition, SPONSOR may not be allowed
    to sponsor subsequent FIRST events at the sole
    discretion of FIRST.
  11. The sponsor agrees to indemnify and hold
    harmless FIRST and its employees from and
    against all liability, claims, demands, loss, or
    damage which may arise out of or are in any
    manner connected with the work to be

performed herein.

  1. All FIRST funds are used to support the
    organization’s mission, including any
    net revenue from the EVENT.
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