May 15, 2023


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In these terms of use, reference to “we” or “our” means the Company, and reference to “you” means the Company’s Client.


These Terms and conditions govern the use of the Company’s services, and by procuring the Company’s services, you agree to have read and understood them and bound by them.


This agreement shall be valid from the date of execution until termination.

    • compensate the other party for damages caused by them.
    • No Party shall be held liable for any damages, where:
  • the damage has been occasioned by the other party, their representatives, employees, or agents, and
  • the damage has been caused by an event beyond the party’s control.
    • anything contained in the agreement, the Company shall not be liable for any damage from the Client’s failure to research the products adequately. The Client expressly and voluntarily assumes any related risk.

The Client shall not mix chemicals as they can cause permanent damage. The Company will not be liable for any resultant damages.


The Client shall assign their rights or duties without the written consent of the other party. However, the Company can transfer or assign this agreement or subcontract its obligations hereunder at any time without the Client’s consent.


Negotiation shall resolve any dispute under this agreement. Parties shall act in good faith to resolve the dispute. Nothing in this section shall be construed as limiting the jurisdiction of the Courts.

    • Either party may terminate this agreement at any time upon breach of the contract by the other party.
    • The Client’s cessation to procure the Company’s service will constitute termination of this agreement.
    • The termination of this agreement shall not discharge the liabilities accumulated by either party.
    • Any Clauses intended by the Parties or this agreement to survive the termination of this agreement shall survive the termination of this agreement by whatever cause.
  • changes to the agreement

Either party may request changes to the agreement, but they will only be effective if agreed in writing, signed by all parties and recorded.

  • Force Majeure
    • For this agreement, “Force Majeure” means an event which a diligent party could not have reasonably avoided in the circumstances, which is beyond the control of a party and includes, but is not limited to, war, riots, civil disorder, earthquake, storm, flood or adverse weather conditions, strikes, lockouts or other industrial action, terrorist acts, confiscation or any other action by government agencies.
    • A Party’s failure to fulfill its obligations due to Force Majeure, to shall not be considered as breach of this agreement, provided that the affected party has taken all reasonable precautions, due care, reasonable alternative measures, and minimal delay all to carry out the terms of this agreement.

The Company may change the terms of use at any time at their discretion and notify the Client. These changes will bind the Client; hence it is the Client’s responsibility to check and confirm that they agree with the changes.


Except where this agreement provides otherwise, the rights and remedies contained in it are not exclusive to rights or remedies provided by law.  Failure by either party to enforce any of the terms or conditions of this agreement shall not be a waiver of their right to enforce the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Suppose any provision of this agreement is declared by any judicial or other competent body to be void, voidable, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable; we may amend that provision or severe it from this agreement. The remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.


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This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the Laws of the State of Utah.

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