Dear Colleague,

I hope this finds you well.

Over the past two months, three workers have been fired due to sudden outbursts caused by technological glitches. This is against our company policy, which encourages transfer to new responsibilities rather than firing.

I am aware of the unrealistic expectations and much overtime from overworked departments and rising energy costs, public and government scrutiny, and cries of gouging, causing stress among employees and additional work.

As much as we are experiencing challenges, we should try to be tolerant of one another and patient with the machines. Machines are bound to fail sometimes, hence causing frustration most especially when you have too much work. However, banging the machine or kicking the machines will not be of any help; instead, it leads to the destruction of property and disruption of workflow.

I want to encourage you to be more patient and tolerant. When you feel you are overwhelmed, please take a break, or better still, you can practice breathing exercises.

Machines are of great importance to Metro Power Company as they make working more efficient and adequate. Let’s try our best to take care of the machines by controlling our tempers.

Human Resource Department

Metro Power Company

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