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I am writing to submit a formal Systemic Discrimination Complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against the Department of Defense (DoD), specifically naming the Department of the Army, National Guard Bureau, Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS), and Army Human Resources Command (Army HRC). This complaint addresses an alarming and pervasive pattern of discrimination and severe mismanagement within the Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payment (CRDP) program, resulting in substantial financial losses for disabled veterans nationwide.

  1. Introduction

I bring to your attention a matter of grave concern involving the gross negligence, discriminatory practices, and financial mismanagement exhibited by the named agencies within the CRDP program. The implications of their actions suggest an unprecedented level of mishandling, resulting in the potential theft of benefits that may range from tens of millions to over a billion dollars.

  1. Basis for Filing:
    1. Disability Discrimination and Mismanagement: This complaint underscores the disheartening mishandling of the CRDP program, which was designed to offer crucial financial support to disabled veterans with disability ratings ranging from 50% to 100%. Regrettably, the named agencies have systematically failed to manage and distribute CRDP benefits, thereby perpetuating an unjust and discriminatory environment that negatively impacts deserving veterans.
    2. Age Discrimination and Mismanagement: Further exacerbating this issue is the agencies’ neglect and mismanagement of CRDP Chapter 61 eligibility, which begins at age 60. These repeated oversights have resulted in undue denial of CRDP benefits to eligible veterans, magnifying the prevalence of age discrimination within the veteran community.
  • Breach of Duty and Misconduct:
    1. Misappropriation of Retirement Benefits: The named agencies’ actions amount to a severe breach of trust, as they have deliberately withheld CRDP payments and benefits from deserving veterans. This deliberate misconduct has inflicted significant financial hardship, forcing veterans to endure unwarranted suffering due to the agencies’ refusal to fulfill their obligations.
    2. Pattern of Discriminatory Behavior: The chronic refusal to process CRDP benefits and the systematic failure to provide required documents paint a troubling picture of consistent and targeted discriminatory behavior. This behavior not only obstructs disabled veterans’ access to vital support but also perpetuates inequality within the veteran community.
    3. Lack of Responsiveness and Cooperation: The agencies’ consistent understaffing and evident lack of responsiveness display a disregard for the well-being of disabled veterans. Such negligence undermines the agencies’ mandate to serve veterans and underscores a grievous breach of their duty.
  1. Damages and Adverse Impact: The named agencies’ actions have had far-reaching and devastating consequences, including but not limited to:
    1. Failure to disburse CRDP benefits, resulting in an estimated cumulative loss of approximately $1000 per month for a period exceeding 15 months.
    2. Significant emotional distress and financial hardship experienced by disabled veterans due to the agencies’ persistent refusal to fulfill their obligations.
  2. Systemic Scope and Urgent Need for Audit: This issue extends beyond isolated incidents. Conversations with DFAS and Army HRC personnel reveal an alarming number of disabled veterans who have been unjustly denied CRDP payments due to ongoing conflicts and a lack of cooperation between the named agencies. An immediate, comprehensive, and independent audit is imperative to accurately gauge the extent of this issue and ensure accountability.
  3. Recommendations:
    1. Class Action Certification: Given the substantial number of impacted veterans, it is essential to pursue class action certification to address the widespread injustices and ensure equitable compensation for all affected individuals.
    2. Comprehensive Audit: We propose an immediate and exhaustive audit of the CRDP program. This audit, conducted by an independent agency such as the Government Accountability Office (GAO), should include: a. Compilation of an exhaustive list of Chapter 61 retirees categorized by branch. b. Thorough verification of this list against current VA disability ratings. c. Comprehensive review of CRDP payment records and their alignment with the combined list. d. Scrutiny of records indicating access by DFAS or Army HRC to corroborate findings.
  • Conclusion:

The agencies’ actions demonstrate an alarming disregard for their duty to serve disabled veterans. This complaint highlights the urgent need for intervention to rectify this injustice, restore veterans’ trust, and uphold the dignity and respect owed to those who have selflessly served our nation.

We respectfully request the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to undertake a thorough investigation into this matter and take decisive measures to address the severe misconduct and discrimination detailed in this complaint. We stand ready to participate fully in any subsequent inquiries or proceedings related to this case, with the ultimate goal of achieving a just and swift resolution.


Thank you for your immediate attention to this pressing issue.




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