To the Canadian Embassy,

______________________________________(insert the relevant country embassy and address)

Dear Sirs,


The above matter refers.

My name is Hodan Warsame, a ______(input you’re age) yr old ___________(input gender).

My reasons for applying to study in Canada

My reasons for wanting to study in Canada are identical to why I am not pursuing the degree in my home country and why I do not believe that education in my home country is beneficial to me.

These are the reasons:

  1. Canada’s educational system is superior to that of my home country. I will have a huge academic advantage over my contemporaries in the same area who studied in my home country. My education will enable me to contribute to my country as a human resource and inspire others who wish to study abroad. Finding work, especially in my home country, will also be significantly easier, allowing me to improve my own and my family’s and country’s economic standards.
  2.  I’d also like to learn about and participate in Canadian culture. In addition to my academics, I’d like to visit Canada because of its beautiful scenery, people, and culture. This will not only help my exposure to the world and Canadian culture, but I also believe I will be an excellent ambassador for Canada whenever I return to my home country.

My educational goals

I have a teachable spirit, and my education goal is to learn as much as I can, to be open to new ways of learning and living because education, in my opinion, is not solely academic. Once I’ve learned as much as I can, I want to use the knowledge gained from my academic course and learning different cultures to improve myself and impact those around me, not only academically but financially and socially as well.

Reasons for choosing the University

I chose to apply to Northeastern University-Toronto because of its well-deserved reputation for providing high-quality education, particularly in my chosen course. The University program I selected is __________________________________(insert details of the program).  I opted to enroll in the course because it connects with my passion and has marketability in my home country and room for growth, which I plan to bring back to my home country.

Ties to my home country

 I am now working part-time and studying on my own while applying for this study permit.

My tangible assets are mostly my support network, which consists of my nuclear family and friends. Since I am passionate about studying in Canada, I have purposefully avoided permanent employment or long-term academic courses that could impair my judgment, place me in limbo, or cause an inconvenience to my family, such as school fees already paid or forcing an employer to find a quick replacement for me once the permit is granted.

Attached documents

Please find attached the following documents;

_____________________________________________(list the documents you intend to attach).

Kindly note that I am ready to subject myself to any procedures or restrictions you may require for the said permit.

Many thanks for considering my request.

Yours sincerely,

________________ (sign here)

Hodan Warsame

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