Hello, I would like assistance with drafting what I need to submit the borrower defense application for student loan discharge for federal student loans. I believe that I have all of the content but just need help pulling it all together and identifying anything additional that might be helpful to support my application. I went to ITT Tech which is a part of a mass student loan discharges based on fraud. This is what I would like to leverage.

Hi, ok great!! Thanks so much a quick response. You’re making me feel really confident just by getting a response so quickly after 10pm on a Friday. I am the same way except in my field which is the reason that this task has extending over several months being so incredibly busy hustling and all. I’ll access the information on my computer that is extremely raw and provide it to you for you to review, provide a quote and apply your knowledge and expertise to what I provided. Give me a few minutes to get to my computer and I’ll send it right over. Thanks again!! On another note, we have a couple of businesses, one for trading and another one for real estate investing where we might also want to leverage your services! Thanks again and look forward to working with you 🙂