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The most challenging part in the business of any kind involving either the operation with goods or services is the marketing bit. Before the development of the intended commodity of application of skills in service delivery, the aspect of how these commodities attain market should prior get into consideration (McDonald, 2016). The paper comprises a strategic marketing plan for a newly developed washing powder by the brand name Cleanser. Washing powder is a common commodity readily available in the market from various established products with distinct cost depending on quality. Hence, it remains a challenging commodity to market, but all these vices are tackled by formulating a sound marketing strategy to beat the other brands in the market. Through comprehensive market research, this plan got into development, and guaranteed sales have prospected.


The fully developed product is a multipurpose washing powder by the brand name of Cleanser. Cleanser is a name that depicts the high capability of the washing powders in the various fields of application. The packaging is an organic water resistant material which also remains reusable after exhausting the contained powder. An appealing label design with a demonstration of some uses gives the first sight to the customers who may decide to try the new product. The effectiveness of Cleanser supersedes all the other washing powder brands from the scientific development process considering all the side effects that result from using such cleaning material. Research done during the formulation process, most of the other washing powders have the capabilities to remove dirt, but some of the ingredients contained denature the surface where used by removing the color and also adverse effects to the user (Hamza, 2017).

However, Cleanser removes both the organic and inorganic dirt that pose a challenge to the majority of people and leaves the surface brighter and the skin of the user softer. Unlike the other washing powders which leave the skin cracked, cleansed can get employed for bathing purposes and leaves the skin better especially for those tough skins. The glycerin additive treats the handy skins to gain a smooth texture. An added advantage to those who work in sites with grease and oils can utilize the powder to obtain the best results of their cleaning needs. A combination of science and technology in the formulation and testing has proved the functionality and advantages of Cleanser.

Mission statement

To become the leading provider of the best cleansing products for the creation of a clean and transformed environment

Company’s objectives

  1. The company aims at making sales to over 50 percent of the local population by 2020.
  2. We also aim at doubling the current production rate by the year 2020.
  3. Using the aim above, the company prospects on creating more employment opportunities to over seventy youths by the end of the year 2019

Target market

Cleanser washing powder mainly aims at the industrial sector other areas where cleaning activity remains vital. Carwash, laundry centers, and garages also provide a ready market for the heavy duty cleaning needs.  The wide variety of market base offers growth prospects for the company. America being an industrialized country has numerous industries where Cleanser can find a broad market. Companies present some of the most significant large-scale consumers of detergents for deep cleaning needs. North America possesses the highest rate of consumption for soap and detergents. It also comprises the highest percentage of industries in the United States. Together with household consumption, which has a slightly higher rate, Cleaner detergent possesses excellent market potential (Showell, 2017).  The graph below shows the projected demand for soap and detergent for industrial and domestic consumption.

(“Global Soap and Detergent Market Size | Industry Report, 2018-2025,” n.d.)


The American market is dominated by large soap and detergent production companies such as Unilever, Proctor and Gamble and Henkel. All these companies produce high-quality products and remain well established in the market. The large industrial and household consumers still have a gap for a product such as Cleanser. Its clean properties got tested and compared with the existing brands to realize the uniqueness of the new cleaning powder. Hence the competition though stiff, the product qualifies for a definite competitive edge (Andaleeb, 2016).

Product features

The powder is white and contains a lovely smell of peach. It is highly soluble in both hot and cold water. It has an organic-based packaging material that creates an added advantage to environmental protection. The additives that remove all types of stains improve the workability compared with the other locally available detergents. A standard price has been considered to enhance the affordability by all categories of customers in the various social classes.

On the legal aspect, Cleanser has undergone all the necessary standardization procedures under the quality standards of the United States. The government regulatory bodies have approved the suitability to the general industrial and domestic purposes. It can be marketed in all the U.S states. The specifications on capabilities have also become approved.

Core strategy

The company plans to engage in product promotion practices majorly on adverts and online marketing. This technique ensures that prospective customers get awareness of the product. Roadshows and free samples will enhance the popularity and drive towards the plan of reaching over 70 percent of the local market by the end of the year. The company has started the process of employing qualified youths for the production and distribution process to minimize unemployment. The type of product positioning applied is differentiation whereby the unique detergent functionality on all kinds of fabrics remains admirable (Kaur, & Sharma, 2018).

Marketing mix: Communication and promotion

Advertisement on radios, televisions and social media provides a broad base for the promotion practice. However, it is quite costly and may become challenging when done frequently. Personal selling has excellent advantage in that it is less expensive and demonstrations become possible. The method, however, remains tedious and only captures a small percentage of customers. The sales promotion that involves the persuasion of customers is essential for direct contact but fails in creating a long-term customer bond.  However, roadshows require more time and resources to capture all the audience effectively (Andaleeb, 2016).

As the business is a startup, personal selling would become the main promotion method because of the cost-effectiveness, personal contact, and demonstrations on product use and the effects. The technique also intends to create personal relationships with customers. Social media also presents another promotion base as it also remains highly effective and cheaper than the advertisement. However, the company would engage in publication through the mass media in the future to capture more audience.

The message of communication would be on the effectiveness of the powder detergent. The ability to remove both the organic and inorganic dirt substances is enough to convince the customers. A positive effect on all fabrics and skin eliminates the doubt on the adverse results. The absence of such a product in the market positions the product based on the uniqueness. The message of communication would be “Experience the greatness of Cleanser. Your most favorite cleaning powder detergent with the ability to remove all stain types on any fabric leaving it shining and clean. It is friendly to all skin types and leaves you softer than ever before. Come and have the experience.” An uploaded video on YouTube demonstrating the effectiveness and Facebook pages would be some of the methods to employ on the internet (Mangold, & Faulds, 2009).

Indirect methods of advertisement evaluation would get employed in this case. A critical analysis of whether the information reaches the audience as planned depending on how familiar the product appears to them would become considered. It remains possible to test the method effectiveness because of a random method of asking the residents in the areas where the advertisement occurred. Questions on things such as brand awareness, the message of advertisement, attitude change and action remain essential aspects in the evaluation process. This method is more comfortable to employ than the direct way which determines such factors as the profits gained and the number of sales.


The most significant cost determinant is the general price in the market as used by the competitors to decide on whether to increase a bit or reduce. A decision on either of the way gets determined by the cost of production and the value of the commodity. An industrial set up for the sales indicates affordability compared to domestic use. However, it would depend on the purchases made such that economies of scale would also get into consideration. The law of demand and supply will also take part in the pricing process and become adjusted accordingly.

Channels of distributions

There would be two channels of distribution which include a direct sale to the industrial consumers and then from the producer to the wholesaler, to the retailer and finally to the consumer. The first channel reduces the price of the commodity to the large scale industrial buyers. On the other channel, the consumers who buy in small scale will acquire the product from the retailers (Walters, & Nilsen, 2015).

Customer relationship management

A public relations department would deal with the issue of enhancing the customers’ contact with the business. The same department would also engage in sales promotion practices. A customer record with their connections would improve personal relationships. Unique services such as free transport for frequent buyers would become embarked. An electronic customer information system would ensure ease of access for the records. In the future, a mobile application will get developed for online customer services (Rahimi, & Kozak, 2017).


Cleanser cleaning agent is a product that has unique characteristics which improve the marketability. The marketing strategy outlined has excellent prospects to increase the sales into levels beyond the competitors’ perception. The business is expected to expand steadily and raise much revenue for further development and product promotion to the extent of going global.





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