The High Commission of Canada

3 West Kings House Road

10 Waterloo Road





Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Marcella Henry, a Jamaican student hereby furnishing my statement of purpose for student visa application Canada. My academic and professional backgrounds along with the reasons for selecting the course and future plans post completion of my studies are detailed in the document.

I completed my secondary education in [Year] from [High school names]. Following that, I enrolled into [name of university or any other institution you joined after high school. If you joined any institution after high school, state the courses you took. All your academic qualifications should be in this part since this is a statement of purpose. If you didn’t join any, delete this part.]

Since the year __________ [year], I worked in the United States as a _____________ [Which Job were you doing? If you worked as a professional, kindly name the profession you specialize in (Medicine/Law/Engineering). My ambition to work in the United States was fueled by my need to finance my goal which is to join a University and pursue a course that would expose me to the world of hospitality, tourism, arts and general skills that will help me in my professional life in future. I had to do my research on the best course that will fit my passion and the best university to join so as to effect my dreams. I settled on joining a university in Canada and was fortunate enough to secure an admission for a bachelor’s degree program in Associate of Arts offered at the University Canada West. I also have a passion in tourism and hospitality which I also intend to pursue.

In the United States, I had an opportunity to interact with different cultures from the different people I worked with and those I associated with. This gave me the interest to diversify my knowledge and interactions hence the decision to choose University Canada West.

My most recent education in hospitality and tourism management and the work experience I had following that helped me realize the widening scope of the field in my country. After much discussions with my friends, family and career specialists, I have come to the conclusion of pursuing higher education in the field of hospitality and tourism from Canada, as the country hosts some of the best institutions in the world that offer my desired higher education program. I have zeroed in on University Canada West and have obtained admission for the course there.  To accomplish my goal of studying in my desired institution, I am required to obtain visa from the high commission of Canada. It is to this purpose that I am producing the statement of purpose before you for your evaluation.

What has led me to doing higher education in Hospitality and Associate of Arts?

After completing my high school, I was with no clue as to which career path I should choose. My first job that I did was as a __________________________ (which work were you doing in US? I worked there for ________________ [duration]. I strongly believe today that my tenure there was a turning point in my life. The duties I handled there exposed to me to the broad nature of hospitality industry and helped me understand the growing scope of it. I soon discovered what my career path should be and decided to work on my skills to improve my own potential to be carve out a successful future in it.

After working there for __________ [duration], I resigned from my job so that I can concentrate on the opportunity that University Canada West has given me. I have strong conviction about the great demand for a legitimately qualified hospitality management professional in my home country in future which I intend to go back after I have completed my studies in Canada. [Name of your country] has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and its hospitality and tourism industry has seen steady growth over the last few decades. However, the country lacks qualified professionals who can help it grow to its full potential. My higher education will prepare me to take advantage of this possibility. Studying in an esteemed institution like University Canada West will not only help me learn new skills but also will endow me with a global perspective of the industry.

My expectations about the program

I have zeroed in on this particular course after several days of researches and discussions with my friends, teachers and career experts. The course is designed to prepare the candidate for the profession and as such it is capable of instilling in the students the required qualities and skills in areas like management and leadership. These are essential for someone to be successful in an evolving industry like hospitality and tourism. Besides learning new skills, I expect and am certain that the program will give me ample opportunities to practice and hone my already acquired skills from my previous professional formation and career.

Following the completion of my higher studies in Canada, I will return to Jamaica to find the right job opportunity there. Considering the amount of investments made in the tourism and hospitality management sector in my home country, I have no different opinion about the great amount of job opportunities the land will begin to offer in a few years’ time.  My home country already hosts many of the internationally recognized players in the industry.

What prompted me zero in on University Canada West for my higher study?

When the first thought of obtaining higher education from abroad struck me, I had one insistence to do it from an internationally reputed institution where students are not just taught skills and theoretical knowledge but given real practical exposure in a multicultural atmosphere. Going through the official website of the university and a few reviews by former students who passed out from the university accorded the same. Moreover, the university boasts of having world-class infrastructure, friendly and veteran faculties and modern curriculum. The University offers the best atmosphere for an ardent student to develop his skills and come out as a legitimate professional. I could also learn from my researches that the university has tie-up with a few well reputed tourism industries in the neighborhood. For a student who has always been interested in application based learning and skill acquisition, this would benefit a lot.

About my family

I hail from small family in Jamaica. My father is a __________________ (work) and mother is a ______________ (work). Additionally, I am a single mother with two sons who mean so much to me. My husband, the father of my two children, passed on in the year 2016. My two children are in Jamaica currently living with my parents and it is my intention that after I graduate from University Canada West, my children and I can reunite in Jamaica since during my studies in Canada they will not be there. My two sons are the source of my strength and ambition.

About sponsorship

The expenditure for my higher education in Canada will be financed by ____________________________________ (Who will finance your stay in Canada? State all persons involved.)


I have done enough researches and discussions with friends and experts before taking the decision for higher study in Canada. I am convinced that the program will prepare me for pursuing a successful career and also instill knowledge because I intend to be an entrepreneur in future too.

The further procedures for the completion of my application and securing admission require obtaining student visa for Canada. I am looking forward to that. I request you to peruse my application for visa to your satisfaction and consider it for approval.

Yours sincerely

Marcella Henry

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