Modification of standards will allow inclusivity. From a survey conducted in 2013 by the U.S Department of Justice it indicated that 12% of the nation’s officers were black and 12% were Hispanic. This is an imbalance because most of the officers are white. Modifying the standards would encourage the people from the minority to become police officers. Allowing the minority to serve in the police departments will also encourage diversity in the police department. Diversity fosters trust between law enforcement and the communities. Secondly, modifying standards will allow before who have used/abused drugs to serve in the police departments. Such people are related and they are believed to possess empathy so they can relate better with drug addicts and offenders. Besides, every human being deserves a second chance if not a third and fourth chance. Allowing people who have used/abused drugs before will be an encouragement to those in rehabilitation and those trying to quit drugs abuse that they can get out and be of great help to their families and the community at large. Thirdly, modifying standards will create an opportunity for people to achieve dreams. In her debut speech, Erica Trevino, the first female deaf commissioned officer said that her dream career had come to fruition after becoming an officer. Modifying standards will be a good leeway for deaf and other people with disability to achieve their dreams and to serve the community. Also, including people with disability will foster diversity in the police departments. Allowing people with disability to work in the police department will enhance access to justice for those people with disabilities who are not able to launch their complaints properly and those that have been victims of crime. Inclusivity will allow them to be properly understood and they can easily access justice.

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