To whom it may concern,


My name is __________________________, the husband to the applicant who would like to join the army.

We have been married for ______ years, and I have known her for ___________ years, and I can say without a doubt that she would be a committed servant to the military. She is a natural leader, but more importantly, she knows how to follow orders. She recognizes the value of deferring to a superior and doesn’t take a hit to her pride when she is no longer in charge of something.

Her dedication to the military will be undeterred since we do not have children to fend for. Therefore, her commitment to actif duty will be an available option. Besides, her job in the military will not affect her commitment to family and our relationship. I support her quest to join the military since I have served in the military for ten years and have the knowledge and the working requirements, including the fact that she will be required to travel around the world and work for long periods. Knowing the military and her dedication, I fully support her desire, and I believe she will be an excellent fit for the military.

I believe strongly in her potential for success in the military; I hope you will accept her application.


(Sender Name)


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