This SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AGREEMENT is made on [DATE] by and between CryptOnlyFanz of address 132 Sunset Boulevard Vernon, BC (Client) and Saucar LLC of address [ADDRESS] (Agency).

The Client and the Marketer shall be referred jointly as “Parties” and individually as “A Party” to this contract.


The Client hereby appoints the Agency to manage all advertising, communication and related work on Client’s social media in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The goal of the Agency is to ensure daily growth of likes, followers, shares, audience and engagement on the respective social media platforms.


The Agency shall provide to the Client services which shall include the following:

  • Managing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by obtaining username and passwords of those accounts.
  • Posting videos, graphics and creative content on a daily basis on all social media platforms.
  • Monitoring and managing social media conversations and responding to the same.
  • Option for press release and the use of influencers to promote the social media platforms.
  • Ensuring growth by providing results and feedback.
  • The Client and the Agency shall touch base on a daily or weekly basis as the client esteems practical.

The Client shall reimburse the Agency for the services performed.

Upon signing this contract, the Client shall pay a total of $5500 (Fifty five thousand dollars)

The Client will compensate the Agency through logged data entry/chain with a monthly payment schedule via PayPal.

The Client agrees not to use the Agency’s name or the Agency’s social media in any way that infringes the privacy and confidentiality of the Agency.

The Client shall not discuss the Agency’s business, prices or any other information.

In the event of disclosure, the Client shall obtain prior permission from the Agency. The Agency has discretion to give or deny permission without cause.


This agreement is deemed to commence from the (DD/MM/YY) (Effective Date), and shall remain in force for __________________ months/years. The agreement may be renewed thereafter as may be mutually agreed by both parties.


The Agency shall maintain absolute confidentiality with respect to any confidential information received from the Client. The Agency shall not disclose any such information without obtaining Client’s specific prior consent, otherwise than in compliance with statutory requirements.


The Client and the Agency shall comply with all statutory regulations. This agreement will be subject to the laws of the State of Georgia.


The Agency shall indemnify and keep the Client indemnified against all losses, expenses or damages that may be suffered by the Client due to any default or breach of terms by the Agency under this Agreement. The Client shall indemnify and keep the Agency indemnified against all losses, expenses or damages that may be suffered by the Agency due to any default or breach of terms by the Client under this Agreement.


Neither the Client, nor the Agency, shall be liable for any default, delay or lapse occurring due to events beyond their control including riot, strike, theft, war, or acts of God and/or nature.


The Client and the Agency shall evaluate progress under this agreement at any time upon request by the Client.


Any changes in the terms and conditions contained herein shall have effect only prospectively, and shall be valid only if recorded in writing and signed by the authorized officials of the Client and the Agency.


The failure of either party at any time to enforce any provision of this Agreement, shall in no way affect its right thereafter to require complete performance by the other party. Further, waiver of any breach of any provision shall not be held to be a waiver for any subsequent breaches. Any waiver shall be valid only if it is recorded in writing and signed by the authorized officials of the Client and the Agency.

    1. Either party may terminate this agreement by giving a 14 days written notice to the other, without assigning any reason whatsoever. The obligations of the parties shall continue during the notice period.
    1. In the event of termination by the Client, the client shall reimburse the Agency for the services performed before termination occurred.

Any dispute, difference or question arising out of this agreement shall be settled amicably between the parties.


Any or all notice to be given by the parties hereto to each other under this agreement shall be in writing and shall be transmitted (a) by registered post or by courier service or by personal delivery, as elected by the party giving such notice, at the addresses as mentioned below:

a) In the case of notice to the Agency at: <Agency Address>

b) In the case of notice to the Client at: <Client Address>

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Agreement in duplicate through their respective duly authorized officials on the day, month and year hereinabove mentioned.


OFFICIAL SIGNATURE: ____________________________________

NAME OF REP: ______________________________________

TITLE: ___________________________________________


SIGNATURE: _______________________________________

NAME OF REP: _________________________________________


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