Plaintiff: Result Brands LLC

2900 Chamblee Tucker Road Bldg14 Suite250

Atlanta, GA 30341

The Defendant: Southwest Recovery Service

16200 Addison Road Suite 260

Addison, TX 75001

Case Number:  _________________________________

  1. I, Result Brands LLC, am the Plaintiff in this matter.
  2. The Defendant’s name is Southwest Recovery Service.
  3. Under FDCPA Section 809 (b) ftc, I requested the collection agency who is the Defendant to validate a claim of $634.00 via email sent on 28th February 2022 directly to the representative.
  4. The Defendant has failed to give me feedback or a reply to my request/inquiry. 
  5. On March 16th, 2022, the Defendant reported $634.00 to all three credit bureaus on my personal credit report.
  6. I have been fined $1,000 and the Defendant should pay for it as it is their omission to reply to my query that resulted in the imposed fine which was against the Consumer Protection afforded by the FDCPA.
  7. I have attached proof of the above in support of my claim.

Date: ___________________________

Plaintiff’s Signature: _______________

Email Address: ___________________

Telephone Number: _______________

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