Please read this Shipping and DOA policy carefully. By reading this Shipping and DOA policy, You agree to be bound by the terms set hereunder.


In these Terms:

“Website” means

“You” “Your” or “Customer” means any person who logs into our website and/or uses Our services.

“We” or “Company” means Seattle Corals.

“DOA” Dead On Arrival


Our shipping services are only available for any orders over $50, shipped by UPS on the next day once the payment has been received and verified. You shall receive your order within 24-48 hours. NOTE: Pick up is available in Bellevue WA, contact Seattle Corals on phone or email at _________________________ with your order information, desired date and time so as to facilitate the pick.

We charge a flat rate of $39.99 shipping fees in all States except Washington State, Oregon where the flat rate is $19.99.

Shipment is only available within the United States alone, We do not make any deliveries to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.


We work hard and around the clock to ensure that you the best services and that your orders are delivered timely. We however do not guarantee that all orders and/packages shall arrive at their destinations. We require your correct personal identification information such as name, address and phone number/email for the shipment, we do not require a signature for the delivery. You are responsible for ensuring that the personal identification information provided is correct to ensure that the package is not lost or misplaced. The Company shall not be held responsible for any lost and/or damaged packages.


You understand and shall not hold the Company responsible for any delays that may be caused by acts that are out of our control, including but not limited to, acts or God and adverse extreme weather conditions.

Due to the Covid-19 impact, UPS has suspended their expedited shipping arrival guarantees; therefore Seattle Corals is unable to guarantee the shipping time on expedited shipping options.


Seattle Coral shall do its best to ensure that orders and/or packages arrive at their destination in the best condition possible. We however do not guarantee that all order and/or packages arrive alive. You must contact Us via Email with detailed pictures of the item within 24 hours on receiving the coral if you notice any issues with the coral.

To make a DOA request you must follow these steps;

  1. Take a clear picture of the dead livestock within 2 hours of posted arrival time and send to with your information.
  2. Ensure that the pictures are clear, We do not accept unclear “all” blue pictures.

Guarantee is void if You refuse delivery of your order/package, if you were not available to receive the package, or if the package was not picked up from the UPS offices within a timely manner.


In the event that the DOA request is reviewed and approved, we shall issue you with store credit and a replacement. Store credit is only viable for 1 year after issuance.

We do not offer refunds for DOA.

You understand and acknowledge that the store credit is not applicable on shipping fees and We shall not be responsible or liable to refund shipping fees.


This Shipping and Dead on Arrival Policy will be governed by and construed in accordance with the State of ___________, United States.


Seattle Coral may revise this Policy from time-to-time. Revised Policy will apply to the use of this Website from the date of the publication of the revised policy on this Website.


This Shipping and Dead on Arrival Policy, together with other legal documents by the Company constitute the entire agreement between you and Seattle Coral in relation with your use of this website.

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