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Letter of recommendation

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A letter of recommendation is a document that verifies a person’s abilities, accomplishments, and character traits. It is typically written by someone who knows the person well, such as a former employer, teacher, or mentor. The letter is then used to support the person’s application for a job, school, or other opportunities. This information can be valuable for potential employers or schools who are trying to make a decision about the person’s suitability for a position.
How to Draft a Letter of recommendation:
When drafting a letter of recommendation, it’s important to consider the purpose of the letter and the audience who will be reading it. Here are some tips for creating an effective letter:
1.     Begin with an introduction that explains your relationship with the person and how long you have known them.
2.     Provide specific examples of the person’s skills, accomplishments, and character traits. Be sure to highlight the person’s strengths and achievements and any challenges they have overcome.
3.     Emphasize the candidate’s potential for success in the position or opportunity they are applying for. This can help to show the recipient that the candidate is a strong candidate and has the skills and abilities needed to succeed.
4.     Use concrete language and avoid vague or general statements. Provide specific details and examples to support your claims.
5.     End the letter with a positive statement that summarizes your overall impression of the person and their abilities.
6.     Be sure to proofread the letter carefully for spelling and grammar errors.
How to File a Letter of recommendation:
Once the letter of recommendation has been drafted, it’s important to file it appropriately. Here are some tips for filing a letter:
1.     Make sure the letter is addressed correctly and has the appropriate contact information for the recipient.
2.     If the letter is being sent via email, make sure it is formatted properly and saved as a PDF document to ensure it retains its formatting.
3.     If the letter is being sent via mail, use a business-sized envelope and make sure the address is legible and correct.
4.     Notify the person that you have written a letter of recommendation for them and provide them with a copy of the letter for their records.
5.     Follow up with the recipient to ensure they received the letter and confirm whether or not the person was successful in their application.
In conclusion, a letter of recommendation is an important document that can help to support a person’s application for a job, school, or other opportunities. When drafting a letter of recommendation, it’s important to provide specific examples and avoid vague or general statements. When filing the letter, make sure it is addressed correctly and sent via the appropriate method. By following these tips, you can create an effective recommendation letter supporting the person’s goals and aspirations.


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