August 24, 2023


This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is made by and between
____________ (“Partnership”) located at (Street Address, City, State)
AND ___ (“Service Provider”) located at (Street Address, City, and
State). This Agreement will become effective on _____ (“Effective
Date”). Individually referred to as ‘Party’ and collectively referred to as ‘Parties’. The
Parties intend to be legally bound as follows:

  1. SERVICES. Jules Theodore will provide the following services to the Partnership:

  1. COMPENSATION. In consideration of the Services rendered, Jules will be
    entitled to a reciprocal 20% commission on any deal for the lifetime of the
    Business partnership facilitated.
  2. TERM AND TERMINATION. The term of this Agreement shall be perpetual.
    However, the agreement may be terminated by a proposed buyout offer.
  3. INDEMNITY. The Partnership agreed to indemnify and hold harmless Jules
    Theodore. They agree to hold her harmless against all claims and suits by third
    parties for damages, injuries to persons, property damages, losses, and
    expenses including court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of, or
    resulting from, her performance under this Agreement.
  4. WAIVER. Neither Party can waive any provision of this Agreement, or any rights
    or obligations under this Agreement, unless agreed to in writing by the Parties. If
    any provision, right, or obligation is waived, it’s only waived to the extent agreed
    to in writing.
  5. AMENDMENTS. This Agreement may be modified as needed. To modify, the
    Parties agree to the modification in writing (an “Amendment”). The terms of this
    Agreement will apply to any Amendment the Parties make.
  6. ASSIGNMENT. The Parties may not assign the responsibilities they have under
    this Agreement to anyone else unless both Parties agree to the writing
  7. DISPUTE RESOLUTION. Any dispute arising from rights and obligations under
    this Agreement will be solved through mediation. The Parties agree to surrender
    to the jurisdiction of Los Angeles Courts if the dispute is not solved through
  8. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement puts the Parties’ entire understanding of
    the Services to be performed, and anything else the Parties have agreed to in
    black and white. This Agreement supersedes any other written or oral
    communications between the Parties.
  9. SEVERABILITY. If any section of this Agreement is invalid, illegal, or
    unenforceable, the rest of this Agreement will suffice.


  1. GOVERNING LAW. The Agreement shall be governed and construed per the
    internal laws of Los Angeles without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law
    provisions or rule.
    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement on the day and
    year first written above.
    Service Provider’s name_________________ Partnership’s rep

Signature__________________ Signature ______

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