This Services Agreement is made and entered into on ________________ by and
between XXX  & DESIGN LLC (hereinafter referred to as the
“Company”) and _____________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”).
Together referred to as the “parties”.
WHEREAS the Company offers managed network services, and the Client is
desirous of obtaining the network services;
The parties herein have agreed to be legally bound by the following terms and
conditions; –
1. Services.
The parties agree that the Company shall provide the Managed Network Service
built on 3 core services to ensure network continuity.
These services will ensure the client’s network is operating without potential
dangers, is safely secured against attacks, offers support to the organization’s
members, and manages an up-to-date list of network equipment with serial numbers
and asset IDs to ensure proper inventory.
i. Remote Monitoring & Management. The company will work with a team of
network professionals continuously monitor the client’s network for anomalies
and vulnerabilities to ensure the client has an uninterrupted network.
ii. Helpdesk Support. The company has a dedicated team of network technicians
available 24/7 with the IT emergency hotline to ensure the client is never left
in the dark with no internet.
iii. Asset Tracking & Management. The company records and manages all
network-related equipment to ensure proper asset tracking and management
across the entire property.
2. Term.
Parties agree that the term of this agreement shall be for a period of thirty days from
the date of signing hereof (hereinafter referred to as the “Effective date”) and the
same shall be renewed automatically every month.
3. Payments.

The parties herein agree that the Client will pay the Company the agreed sum of
$300 per month.
Parties agree that while any remote service is free under the company’s Helpdesk
Support, Onsite visits will be discounted to only $50 per hour for schools.
4. Late fee and Interest.
Parties herein agree that any overdue balance fee will attract a $30 late fee when an
invoice is unpaid for more than 14 days and there will be a 2.5% interest accessed
monthly for any overdue balances that are 30+ days old.
5. Confidentiality.
The parties agree and acknowledge that they both own valuable trade secrets and
other confidential information. The parties agree they will not disclose to any third
parties without the prior written consent of the other party.
6. Propriety Rights.
The parties agree that the services provided under this Agreement, all materials and
products developed by the Company, and all the interests therein belong to the
Any intellectual property owned by the Company shall continue to belong to the
7. Dispute/Conflict Resolution.
If there arises any conflict or dispute during the performance of this Agreement, the
same shall be negotiated between the parties amicably. If the same fails, the
disagreement or dispute shall be referred to mediation in accordance with the
applicable laws.
8. Governing Law.
The provisions and performance of this Agreement shall be construed and
interpreted in accordance with the laws of ___________.
9. Termination.
Either party to this Agreement may terminate the terms herein by issuing a written
notice to the other party stating the reasons for termination.
The reasons for termination may include but are not limited to; –

i. Unpaid balance that is 90 days old
ii. Hiring another IT company to service or manage their network
iii. Issuing a written notice to terminate service by either party
10. Modification.
Either party to this Agreement may modify the provisions herein by the same
modification being written and signed by both parties.
11. Severability.
Suppose any provision in this Agreement is deemed by a Court of law to be invalid
or unenforceable. The same shall be severed from the Agreement, and the
remaining provisions shall continue to operate in full force and effect.
12. Assignment.
Neither party to this Agreement may assign or transfer its rights and obligations
without the prior written consent of the other party.
13. Entire Agreement.
This is the entire Agreement between the parties, and it supersedes any prior
negotiations, promises, or contracts, either written or oral.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date
hereinbelow; –
Signed by the Company; –

Signed by the Client; –

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