This Service Agreement is entered on ______________ between
__________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and
_______________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”). Together
referred to as the “parties”.
1. Services.
The Service provider will provide social media advertising services for the
Company’s agency clients.
2. Term.
The Agreement between the parties shall be for _____________.
3. Compensation.
The Company will compensate the service provider _______ monthly for the
services rendered.
The amount will be paid via direct credit to the Provider’s account.
4. Start date.
The effective date of this Agreement shall be on ______________.
5. Confidentiality.
Within or after the Engagement Period, the provider shall at no time divulge, release,
or remove for his/her use or that of any other individual or company any
documentation, information, or knowledge about the operation or business of the
Company, employer or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, obtained or made
available to him/her during the course of their engagement with the company,
subsidiaries or affiliates.
The confidentiality provisions contained within this Agreement shall remain in full
force and effect for a period after the termination of this agreement.
6. Non-Compete.
During the engagement period and for a period following the termination of this
agreement, however, caused, the service provider shall not seek or gain
employment with any company that is in competition with the Company herein, its
subsidiaries, or affiliates within.

The service provider agrees that the above-established restrictions are reasonable
and fair.
7. Non-Disclosure.
Without the prior written consent of the Company, the Service Provider agrees and
undertakes not to; –
i. Disclose any confidential information to any third party;
ii. Make any copies and distribute any document regarded as Confidential
8. Termination.
Either party to this Agreement can terminate the terms herein by issuing a 30 days’
written notice.
9. Dispute Resolution.
If there is any conflict or dispute during the performance of this Agreement, the same
shall be negotiated between the parties amicably. If the same fails, the disagreement
or dispute shall be referred to a neutral arbitrator whose final decision will be binding
upon the parties.
10. Governing Law.
The provisions of this Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance
with the laws of ________.
11. Entire Agreement.
This Agreement contains the complete and entire Agreement of both the Company
and the service provider.
There are no other promises or conditions, oral or written, outside of what is
contained herein in this Agreement.
This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between both
12. Severability.
Should any provision contained within this Agreement be deemed invalid or
unenforceable, in part or whole, such invalidity or unenforceability will attach only to
the particular provision or portion of this Agreement. In contrast, the remaining
aspects of the said provision and all other provisions of this Agreement shall remain
in full force and effect.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties herein have executed this agreement on the
date below; –
Signed by THE COMPANY: –
Email address:
Tel. No:

Email address:
Tel. No:


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