We maintain several security safety protocols to ensure the information and the data you provide, or we obtained are protected against any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, or disclosure, and to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Our security protocols use the latest form of technology to protect your data. The following provides more understanding of the security practices we use regarding your information and data.

Personnel Practices.

We conduct extensive background checks of our employees/Representatives regarding their different roles.

The Employees/representatives are taken through training on privacy and confidential information and how to enforce them.

When the Employees/Representatives pass the necessary training, they have to read and sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as conditions of their employment.

Confidentiality and Access Controls.

Our security policies limit the access to private and confidential information or data to only individuals who have clearance and only when necessary.

Logging and Monitoring.

We have a central logging and monitoring system that tracks any information regarding the availability or activity in our system.

Service Provider Relationships.

We engage the services of third-party service providers, and we require them not to retain and use or disclose any personal information or data obtained for any purpose other than to perform the agreed service.

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