[Name of Organization] is a non-governmental security organization that deals in VIP protection, counter intelligence, protection of valuable assets any other protection that safeguards life and property of persons.

The purpose of the security policy is to ensure the:

  • Protection of organizational property and people working, visiting, receiving and/or providing services at or for the organization; and
  • Prevention of incident and accidents related to security risk factors and other related workplace hazards.

Policy commitment statement

[Name of Organization] is committed to the providing a safe environment for everyone. It recognizes the significant hazards related to workplace violence and potential security risk factors, and the legal and moral responsibility to take every reasonable precaution in the circumstances to protect employees and others. Our organization is committed to providing financial and human resources for the development, implementation and maintenance of a sustainable security protection and prevention program that will help to prevent or minimize security risk factors through hazard recognition, assessment, control and evaluation processes. All workplace parties are required to comply with the policy and any associated procedures as appropriate.

Member Conduct

  • Develop, implement, maintain and annually evaluate the security program.
  • Prevent and/or reduce the harm to people related to security risks and workplace violence hazards.
  • Prevent and/or reduce the incidence of property damage.
  • Increase security awareness to all workplace parties and the public;
  • Ensure those participating in security prevention and protections receive and implement the necessary training, and that records of training are maintained.
  • Ensure that security equipment, materials and resources are maintained;
  • Ensure there is no brutality when carrying out mandates
  • Safeguard indigenous rights and universal human rights as recognized by the United Nations.
  • Ensure there is no discrimination of any form which includes but not limited to discrimination in respect to Race, Color, Creed, Religious beliefs and Disability.


This set of procedures has been created by [name of Organization]. This document details the procedures necessary to implement the policies set forth in this Security Policy. These procedures provide details about standards necessary to ensure protection of persons and property. We also protect person’s confidentiality and privacy in accordance with applicable laws and our personnel policies. Each person subject to the Policy will sign a statement annually affirming that they have read, that they understand, and that they intend to comply with the provisions of the Policy and the Procedures stated herein.

Security Safety Procedures

Recognizing means that the risk (physical and legal) inherent in security operations means that risk assessment must be carried out on the basis of complete information. Many and varied factors can impact on security risk assessment and the responsibility to identify these factors rests with the Security Team Management Team. All departments and divisions within the organization are responsible for the full disclosure of information as required by the Security Team for the purposes of security risk assessment.

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