This SERVICE AGREEMENT (‘’this Agreement’’) is entered into between HAPPY MORDERN HOMES of address [ADDRESS] (“the Company”) and LOGIC PROPERTIES of address [ADDRESS] (“The Client”) on [DATE].

This agreement spells out the terms and conditions under which the services provided to the client and services performed by the Company will be executed.

In consideration of the premises, and of the mutual promises and undertakings herein contained, the parties, intending to be legally bound, do agree as follows:

  1. Services
    1. Happy Modern Homes deals in the installation of Security Cameras.
    1. There will be 8 dumpsters which will each have a 24/7 Color Night Vision Camera. The Cameras will be placed near eye level to capture as much facial detail as possible from subjects entering and leaving the alley.
    1. The 8 security cameras are integrated but installed on 8 different structures that are all detached. All the 8 cameras will transmit the video and data to a central distribution center. The distribution center will contain the cabinet, NVR, and internet.
    1. We will install a NanoCell Airmax Station on each structure. The NanoCell Station broadcasts the video feed wirelessly on a 2-4 mile range from the camera to the distribution point.
  2. Equipment and materials

2.1 We will be providing a state-of-the-art IP all digital camera system.  Here’s the package

  • (2) 8 Channel NVR
  • 8 Color NightVision Dome IP Cameras
  • 8 Junction Boxes
  • Solid Copper CAT wiring (gives best signal and power)
  • (2) 10 TB hard drive
  • (8) Ubiquiti AirMax Station
  • PoE Injectors
  • PoE 5 Port Switch
  • Conduit
    • Features
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Remote Viewing from Phone
  • Remotely Access from a Computer
  • Motion Detection
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Tripwire/Intrusion
  • Siren and Active Deterrent
  • 2-way Audio
  • Installation Date

The date will be, June 7th, 2021 at 11am. It should take 4-7 days to ensure perfection.

  • Payment

A sum of $1000 shall be deposit by Client to cater for equipment to be used. The Total cost will be $9,765 flat cost, no extra charges or surprises. We accept, check, cash or card.

  • Warranty

All labor and equipment is backed up with a 1 year warranty. If anything fails due to faulty equipment or faulty install we will be liable for within the warranty period. Warranty begins on date of completion.

  • Warranty Void

If any of the equipment has been tampered with by outside forces such as people or animals, and has caused damage to the system there may be a cost for replacement of equipment and labor costs.

  • Extra services

If any changes are wanted past the install date such as adding another camera or making adjustments to the system such as moving a camera, there will be a service fee and or equipment cost. There will also be additional cost for running conduit.

  • Governing laws

This Agreement shall be deemed to have been made, executed, and delivered in the State of [NAME OF STATE] and shall be construed per the laws of the State of [STATE].

You confirm that you have read and understood the agreement by signing below:


Signature: ___________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________


Signature: ________________________________

Date: _____________________________________

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