WHEREAS, The Company wishes to engage the services of a Consultant for 18 months

WHEREAS, the Consultant represents themselves as part of a community of service providers that individually and collectively can provide a wide range of outsourced professional services that enable businesses to grow without engaging full-time staff to include but not limited to those represented in the Agreement.

THEREFORE, the Company and Consultant agree to be bound as follows:


The Consultants will deliver the following services:

  • Technical Consulting:  Serve as technical consultants for the Company. Create and deliver a technical product roadmap that focuses on enterprise-level data storage, data integrity, and the possible use of Blockchain by the Company.  (18 months – Company to pay $15K per quarter for such services or $90K)
    • Website Development:– Build three websites ($100K). The Company desires to leverage two key channel partnerships already established with Mission: Launch, Inc, and Bank on 100 Million and will engage the Consultant to build three enterprise-grade websites to support the Company’s overall objective.   The other two entities’ websites have an estimate powered by the core product offering of R3 Score and need to connect to the Company in a specific manner to make the joint ventures work. The three websites together will accelerate revenue potential by the Company by: The below are the websites are being built for the Company and its channel partners
      • Bank on 100 Million multi-stakeholder campaign website  (45 days from executing contract this is due)
      • R3 Score, Inc.
        • Move the Company from an informational website to more of a product website.  Making it easier for potential customers to understand the product;
        • Ensure customers can request an order or engage the Company for pricing or customized orders;
        • Create a Compliance webpage via the Company site whereby the publicly traded status data is available.  
        • Develop a new website with a Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) with an integrated membership and payment system
        • B2B2C Marketplace (the Company may determine that this site will be featured under its unique domain name.
          • Create a direct-to-consumer interface that will allow individual consumers to request that the Company delivers an individual R3 Score and report to them for a fee.  (Due within four months from executing this Agreement)
          • Create a B2B2C marketplace website that allows the Company to create a marketplace whereby the Company (Due within 9 months of executing this contract)
          • Work with the Company and Bo100M to ensure its already existing strategy, as well as product recommendations by the Company, can be accommodated by this upgrade/design enterprise-compatible Software as a Service (SaaS) product line where the goal is to be able to register no less than 1Million people within 30 months.
    • Bo100M site will
      • Have a clear place to engage with Brand Ambassadors
        • Enables brand ambassadors to spread the message and direct potential consumers to the appropriate websites.
      • The B2B2C site will launch with projects, jobs, and tools for the community to get involved.
      • Grant program: Design and facilitate a tech grant program to support corporate sponsorship, standards development, interoperability, and community
    • Mission: Launch – Enable donations and a philanthropic approach to the strategic partnership and learning and programming approaches that are more conducive for a non-profit.
    • Human Rights Campaign: ($40K)Be responsible for the Company launching an online Human Rights Campaign with a goal of attracting no less than 25,000 people who purchase the core product.  
    • The Parties will work together to decide:
      • when this is to launch between Sep 2021 – Feb 2022, and  
      • if a crowdfunding platform will be leveraged or if the campaign will be delivered by leveraging the new website and social media.
      • To leverage both of their networks in addition to social media to reach the goal of the Campaign
    • Campaign goals to include:
      • Learn About the Company
      • Participate in a social media campaign by taking and sharing a pledge
      • Purchase the core product R3 Score
      • Pre-pay for an R3 Score for someone in need
      • Sign up to be a part of the Bo100M broader campaign and effort
      • If a corporation sign up for pilots
    • As part of the overall effort the Consultant shall:
      •  Find story-tellers, design the incentive program, and
      • co-host community calls with the Company as needed to share earn about the mission, the product offering, and how to become an ally and long term supporter of the Company

The project will be effective for 18 months.


The Company and Consultant pre-agrees the above work has a value of $230K.  All payments made to the Consultant in 2021 for services rendered shall be paid in the form of stock at a pre-agreed price of .20 cents.  Payments made in 2022 can be paid in the form of cash and/or stock as agreed upon by both parties at that time.  Additionally, the Company will pay a 5% administrative/success fee from the proceeds generated by the Human Rights Campaign to the Consultant.  

Monies generated from the Human Rights Campaign from the day of its launch and for up to 90-days after the close of the Campaign the Consultant will receive five percent (5%) of monies generated from this effort.

The Company will pay all pre-agreed out-of-pocket expenses to outside vendors.  (The bulk of the design and efforts are expected to be generated internally by the RMP team members.

    • Consultant Responsibilities
      • Technical
      • Website:

The Consultant is responsible for UI/UX design, gathering details and requirements for each website, serving as the project manager gathering the content from the content writer, and working with the hosting vendor to install the website. The Consultant will be responsible for securing images etc. needed and ensuring they know the requirements and utility of each website.

  • The Consultant will make recommendations for hosting, content and can make suggestions for branding.  
    • Making modifications design upgrades during the 18 months.
      • Human Rights Campaign serves as project manager and coordinator for the Human Rights Campaign working directly with the Bo100M managing members.
    • Company Responsibilities
      • The Company is responsible for engaging a professional content writer that will deliver the content to be used by the Company for the campaign.  The Company will also choose the branding guidelines.
      • The Company will pay all out-of-pocket fees associated with everything other than the design and development of the website.  

The work product created by the Consultant and all intellectual property rights of the work product shall belong to the Company and shall be deemed the intellectual property of Global Boatworks Holding.



A. This Scope of Services (“SOS”), adopts and incorporates by reference the terms and conditions of the  Consulting Agreement (“Agreement”), which was entered into on __ 2021, between Global Boatworks Holding, Inc. a Delaware C-Corporation (“GBBT” or the “Company”), and         , [an Individual or the “Consultant”)}. This SOS is effective beginning on       XX, 2021 (“Effective Date”) and will remain in effect until          XX, 2021 (“Expiration Date”), or until terminated by the Company and/or the Consultant.  

B. Transactions performed under this SOS will be conducted by and be subject to the terms and conditions of this SOS, the Agreement, and any applicable purchase order (“PO”). This SOS is not a PO.

C. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this SOS shall have the meanings set out in the Agreement.


1.1 Engagement Details 

Consultant Services Types Tech and Data Management Consulting
Scheduled Start Date June 15, 2021
Scheduled End Date December 30, 2022
GBBT Assigned Manager  
  • Service Description 

2.1 Engagement Details 

Consultant Services Types Website Co-develop, design, and Launch
Scheduled Start Date June 15, 2021
Scheduled End Date December 30, 2022
GBBT Assigned Manager  
  • Service Description 

3.1    Engagement Details

Consultant Services Types Human Rights Campaign
Scheduled Launch Date 10/1/2021
Scheduled End Date 4/30/22
GBBT Assigned Manager Bo100M Manager
  • Service Description 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this SOS as of the date first above written.

Global Boatworks Holding, Inc.  

By: ________________________________

Laurin N. Leonard

Chief Executive Officer, Global Boatworks Holding, Inc.


By: ________________________________


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