Rules of Conduct
Each participant of the Guided Supercar Driving Experience or the Ride A Long Supercar
Experience agrees to abide by the following guidelines.  Disobeying or not agreeing to any of
the guidelines is grounds for termination of the event. Each participant;
1. The driver is responsible for all pit crew members.
2. Must have a valid driver’s license to participate in this event. Anyone under the age of 18
must have parent/guardian signature; (16 years minimum). NO CHILDREN in the pit
area. Only one truck with car trailer, and one extra pit vehicle allowed to park in the
infield. All extra vehicles park outside the infield.
3. The consumption or distribution of any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance at any
time in the pit area is strictly prohibited. By entering the restricted pit area, all participants
agree to accept this policy and procedure.

4. Please demonstrate good sportsmanship and have fun. Any unsportsmanlike conduct,
unethical behavior, or other disturbances will not be tolerated and will be grounds for
disqualification from future race events. All decisions of the officials are final.
5. Approved helmet and long pants must be worn during all events. Long sleeve shirts are
highly recommended, short sleeve shirts (t-shirts) are required and tank tops or muscle
shirts are not allowed. Drivers must stay in their seat belt during competition with their
helmet on.
6. Any fighting or reckless driving in the pit area may subject the offender to suspension
contingent upon the seriousness of the incident. Any continuing problems from the same
individual may result in season long or permanent suspension.
7. Profanity in front of race fans, officials, management and profane signs on cars etc. will
not be tolerated and may subject you to suspension.

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