Clause 2 “Rights”. It clearly states that you are giving them rights to use the artwork in the program in any way they would wish, show it in their TV show, locally and internationally and make money from it. It also says that they shall not give you any share of such earnings.

In Clause 2.2. You have agreed to waive all your rights in the Material and you agree not to ask or claim any share of the proceeds made from further exploitation and use of your work in the Company’s TV show.

Clause 8.6 states that the Company can assign this agreement and their rights and obligations to a third party. This means that if the company does that, the third party can also exploit the material, earn from it without your consent and without paying you. While on the other hand, Clause 4.3 bars you from any further use of the artwork


This Agreement has restricted you right over the artwork and the TV show. You as the owner of the artwork has signed over your right over the artwork over to the Company. The Company may use, sell and modify the TV showing the artwork as they see please, commercialize the content and earn from it and not pay you for it.

I would advise that you ask for a lifetime royalties from any commercial use of material showcasing your artwork. That way you can earn a percentage of any earnings made by the company from using your artwork.

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