This is to appeal the revocation of my credentials for failure to complete my CEU’s. While I acknowledge the significance of CEUs to a Registered Health Information Technician, which includes personal and professional development, my failure to complete them was due to unavoidable family emergencies. In the past two years, my grandmother has been taken ill sick; since I am the primary caretaker, I dedicated my time to ensure that she is properly cared for. Secondly, according to the tender age doctrine, children of tender years are supposed to be protected and nurtured by their mothers. I am a mum of _______ (no. of children) kids aged ____________ and ____________who require my attention, guidance, and providence. In the past two years, I have dedicated my time and attention to raising wholesome kids. 

Lastly, my husband was laid off. His loss of employment led to some financial readjustment in our home. I had to work extra hard to cater to our family’s needs, hence the failure to undertake the CEUs.  The past two years have been particularly challenging. Still, I am dedicated to ensuring that I complete the CEUs and do my best in my role as a registered health information technician. 

To collaborate my explanation, I am attaching copies of my grandmother’s medical report and the dismissal letter from my husband’s employer. 

Please reconsider my appeal because being a Registered Health Information Technician because the past few years were force majeure. Since they are passed, I can now do my CEUs to qualify professionally.

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