We are IMMEDIATE need for someone to review and write a Pretrial Statement, it MUST be finished and delivered to the Defendant/CourterClaims tomorrow, March 25th. If this is something you will do, I will send you the 16 pages of statements to review. The Plaintiff (my friend) has had other issues in his life that distracted him from filing these items timely. If I can assist him to meet this deadline, at least he may have a chance to win his case. We are compiling items to prove his case to be added. If you will do this, on this short deadline, please send your fee, I’m sure we can meet your fee. Thank you.

It appears to me the precedent was set they were verbal and acting partners.
She doesn’t have the right to unilaterally decide he doesn’t get anything
She has cost him grievious damage to his reputation.
Do we need withnesses also listed here

Mike purchased had 6231 N Pascola Circle Tucson AZ in January 6, 2014, prior to Peggy moving in with
Peggy moved into Mikes home on Pascola the day her divorce from Kaluse Schoenfeld approximately
September 2014. Mike and Peggy agreed to create a life together and combine their assets.
Mike sold Pacola January 16, 2015.
Mike and Peggy purchased on January 16, 2015 6065 N Tocito Place. Funds for this purchase were from
the sale of Mikes house on Pascol and Peggy’s house from her divorce. Each party contributed
$100,000.00 to this purchase & financed $75,000. Mike did extensive repairs and remodeling on this
Mike and Peggy sold Tocito on May 23, 2016, sale price of $335,000.
The proceeds from the sale of Tocito went into the purchase of 6291 E Avalon Drive Scottsdale, Az. They
remodelled two bath.
Avalon was sold on Aug, 14 2017 for 335,500.
Mike and Peggy stayed In Scottsdale and traveled until they found 3871 S Tordo, Green Valley Az.
Proceeds from the Avalon were used to purchase the property on Tordo. Because Peggys credit was
better they decided to put the new loan in her name using the funds from the sale of Avalon.
Mike and Peggy closed on Tordo and then spent approximately 1.5 months remodelling and moved in to
Tordo together approximately December 9, 2017
Mike continued to remodel and work on the property until they split up o March 19, 2019.
Upon the dissolution of the relationship between them, Mike was left homeless.
Peggy filed numerous complaints against Mike and his friends; as a result Mikes ability to work was
severely hampered. This caused a lot of stress to Mike.
Finally her determination to get even and ruin Mikes reputation stopped him from working in his
profession as a real estate agent.
Based on the history of their working together buying, remodeing and selling homes together Mike is
entitled to half of the value of the Tordo property.
Plus her vendetta has also caused Mike sever stress and financial destruction as all of his monies were in
the Tordo property, which Peggy has maintained control.
Mike was prevented from reentering the Tordo property or even being in the area to reclaim any of his
personal property.
Mike is also entitled to 50% of all furniture purchased during this relationship as they bought and sold
homes together.

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